Random Clicks: Water

In this chaotic and difficult situation, I thought it would be better to share some pictures of water that are always calming and serene. I hope you all will like it. Water is clear and flowing. The creek has its own biodiversity that I will show you some other day. Thank you for stopping by […]

Random Clicks: White Flowers

With spring season on, here in Texas some trees are in full bloom with lots of pretty flowers on them. You can’t ignore them, they are so gorgeous. These flowers are so lovely to watch, so calming to eyes. Blue sky, green leaves, and white flowers make just perfect view. It beauties any landscape. The […]

Random Clicks: Flowers

As we all know, Spring season is on its way, the plants are preparing themselves and the flowers are about to bloom. I found some flowers 🌺 in my community that made my day. I randomly clicked few photographs of flowers 💐 that drove me towards themselves while I was walking in the evening with […]

Sunset and Clouds Through an Airplane Window

Nature is always attractive. We often get mesmerized by the beauty of the nature. Mountains, rivers, oceans, rain, clouds, snow, flowers, leaves, etc all have a charismatic effect on humans. We are often drawn towards nature. We are blessed with the beauty of nature. Nature is the lively. I will discuss about it in my […]

Choose Wisely, Be Responsible..

Whatever we do on daily basis has an impact on the ecosystem and overall environment. Human activities determine the health of the environment. With the advancement of human well being we are getting more and more away from nature. Various types of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution, […]

Snowing 🌨 Happy Winter

How do you feel when it’s snowing?? Many enjoy snow ⛄️ while others cuddle in their cozy blankets. It snowed mildly yesterday. My kids enjoyed viewing it from the patio as it was too cold outside. When it snows outside, it’s beautiful to watch. Nature relaxes in its own ways. You can spend hours just […]

Facts About Birds

Hello Readers, Here I have some interesting facts about “Birds”, some of which you might have been knowing or some might not or might be knowing all of these….Anything be the case, it is always interesting to go through some facts if you like reading and enhancing your knowledge. If you love watching birds, knowing […]

Are You Wise and Not Wasteful?

What do you mean by being wise and not wasteful?  How can we be wise and not wasteful? We all know the consequences of the anthropogenic activities on the nature. I am also aware of all different types of environmental issues that we are facing severely today.  Last year, I visited an International Conference on […]