Welcome to the the world of learning. We at Pen Of Hearts share our views and opinions with the world. We research about the topic, write it, and present to the world. Writing and Reading is our passion and we look forward to grow in this direction.

We believe that knowledge is as vast as an ocean and together we can learn many things. Blogging is the simplest way to share our views with others and exchange our thoughts. Biology is our favorite subject and would love to write about it as well.

Recent Posts

How To Stay Self Motivated All The Time?

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha People differ from each other. Some overthink while some are easy going. Some can handle the pressure while some crumble inside. So, what makes a person different from the other? There must be some personal traits or qualities that […]

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Sunday A Fun Day

O Dear Sunday!!! You are so Cute and Shiny. But I always wonder, Why are you so tiny? You know I love you. But you still, Leave me to miss you…….. Saturday I think about you, And on Monday you are gone. O Dear Sunday!!! I love you so much. But don’t you worry. There […]

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Six Word Saturday #1 (August 8, 2020)

Hello All, This is my first Six Word Saturday story prompt where I have to describe my life in six words. If you are a blogger you can join musing too. To know more about it, click here Six Words. So, till now what I have experience is that my life is full of ups […]

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