World Immunization Week: Why Vaccines are Important?

April 24 to April 30 is celebrated as World Immunization Week every year. This is a global campaign to spread awareness regarding immunization and vaccines in public all around the world. World Immunization Week is observed by WHO (World Health Organization) . Immunization or vaccination đź’‰ is what the world is talking about these days. […]

Every Bit is Counting

Today, when I just opened Google page to find something, I found an interesting Google doodle. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go and check. This is how the search page looks like. Click on the play button to see what happens. I am sharing the link here so that you can watch the […]

Myths Related to COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) Answered by WHO

Here are some questions related to COVID-19 ( the new Coronavirus) that are answered by World Health Organization (WHO) in public interest. I thought it’s worth sharing because in today’s world of social media every news becomes a burning news and spreads in a blink of an eye leading to myths and false claims. Myths […]

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Infection?

As per the latest updates on COVID-19, the coronavirus, published by WHO, February, 27th 2020 there are 82,294 confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases globally till date. This confirms that the problem is not just limited to China, its a world wide concern. The figure given below is available on WHO website. This figure shows the […]

Know More About Coronavirus

The Coronaviruses abbreviated as CoV are zoonotic (transmitted from animals to humans) and belong to the family Coronaviridae. These viruses are not new for a microbiologist but has recently gained popularity due to the epidemic in China. Corona virus is a large viral family causing common cold in humans and even severe diseases such as […]

Vaccines do Work

Today, I saw a post on the WHO website stating that “Smallpox is Dead”. Yes, smallpox, a deadly infectious disease has been eradicated globally 40 years ago. Last case of smallpox was officially reported in October 1977, and in May 1980, the disease was certified as globally eradicated. It feels an immense pleasure and satisfaction […]

What is Air Pollution?

With the advancement in science, technology and change in the lifestyle of man, despite immense benefits what is the most noticeable side effect? According to me, it is POLLUTION. Pollution whether air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution or noise pollution. Pollution is the most common side effect that technology has given us. In […]

A Healthy Lifestyle: Is It That Hard These Days?

In today’s world of modernization and digitization, life is super relaxing. If we don’t want to cook, we can order our favorite food online. Thanks to online websites such as Ubereats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. We can even buy some ready to eat stuffs from market. When we don’t want to go for shopping, we can […]