The Need of Time

What is the need of time? Being a responsible human being and staying at home? Or acting as if isolation is a bullshit, not for me, my life my way and spreading the virus? A very famous quote is “Prevention is better that Cure”. This is what we need to understand. We don’t have a […]

Vaccines do Work

Today, I saw a post on the WHO website stating that “Smallpox is Dead”. Yes, smallpox, a deadly infectious disease has been eradicated globally 40 years ago. Last case of smallpox was officially reported in October 1977, and in May 1980, the disease was certified as globally eradicated. It feels an immense pleasure and satisfaction […]

Choose Wisely, Be Responsible..

Whatever we do on daily basis has an impact on the ecosystem and overall environment. Human activities determine the health of the environment. With the advancement of human well being we are getting more and more away from nature. Various types of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution, […]

Man, Science and Technology

In the present world of modernization, science and technology have become inseparable terms. Science and technology have their role to play in almost every part of human life. Shaping of tools by the early men is used as an example of social change and establishment of human culture. Science and technology has made human lives […]

Introduction to Biology

What is Biology? Biology is the branch of science that talks about things that are alive or once were alive. The word Biology is derived from two Greek words “bios” which means life and “logos” which means study. Thus, in simple words, we can say that biology is a study of life. Biology is a […]


Hello Readers!! My name is Dr. Namrata Pandey and I am extremely thrilled that you are visiting my blog today. I am a science scholar, a freelancer and a homemaker. I am happy with what I have and thankful to the God for whatever He has given to me. It wouldn’t be wrong if I […]