It’s Okay, I’m Fine.

We always here people saying, I’m okay when they are not. We also do the same when we aren’t willing to share our true feelings to others. I feel, we being human have various emotions that constantly change with time. We may be very energetic and excited in the morning and feel bored or clueless […]

Thursday Thoughts: Overthinking

Let’s not think too much about the past because it’s gone. Let’s not worry about the future because it hasn’t yet arrived. Let’s live in present because it is what we actually have. These are the random thoughts that came into my mind today. I dedicate these lines to all who overthink like me. I […]

Quotations on Environment and Its Importance

Today is the World Environment Day. June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day since 1974. The motto behind celebrating environment day is to spread awareness among common people, to understand the importance of environment and its diversity, to understand the dependence of humans on the environment, etc. I have always been talking about environment, […]

Inspirational Quotations: Success and Failure

Success and failure are two opposite terms that are often used to describe growth and achievements of any individual. Some say that you can’t be successful without failures. I agree with it. We actually learn from our mistakes that led to failures. We grow, learn and experience new things from our failures. In this post, […]


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Plato I can’t agree more. Music 🎵 has its own soul. Music has its own language. Music has no boundaries. Music 🎶 unites people. I am a die hard fan of Bollywood music and Bollywood songs. […]

Inspirational Quotes on Happiness

Inspirations are what we humans need from time to time. We often get inspired by people, by their work or by their thoughts. Today I chose the word Happiness for inspirational quotes and there are lots of people who talk about happiness that might inspire us. Happiness is not a new word that I am […]

Sunday Thoughts

Hello Readers and My Dear Friends, Today, I am sharing four amazing thoughts by two great people who once lived in this world Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. The thoughts are inspiring and true in present world too. I do believe in this. What we think, is what we really are. If we think positive […]

Praying is Important

We pray everyday. But why do we pray? Is it important to pray? Who taught us to pray? Who was the first person to pray and what did he/she prayed for? These questions came in my mind today when I was praying today. I always see my parents and elders praying everyday in the morning. […]