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Spread Positivity

At the moment there are all sorts of news that are constantly filling our brains with negativity and the toughest part is, we can’t ignore them. In the months of March and April I was so much engrossed in the news of COVID-19 that sometimes it felt that everything is falling apart and this world is going to end.

Then I decided not to watch any news related to the pandemic, not to react with any memes or messages sent on any social platform, etc. This helped me a lot. I ignored any messages of COVID-19 that were sent on WhatsApp groups.

Being a microbiologist, I knew social distancing, using masks and gloves and maintaining personal hygiene is important. Eating healthy and boosting immunity is important as we don’t have the vaccine yet. So, I sticked to these religiously. Things started getting better. I felt reduction in my negative thoughts.

PC: Canva

Positivity and negativity impacts our mind and body in different ways. Science also proves the impact of positive and negative thoughts on our body and mind.

In present scenario our mind constantly receives news related to COVID-19. Everyone talks about it. In the news, any digital platform and at homes we knowingly or unknowingly keep talking about the deadly virus. Our minds are overwhelmed with the negativity.

So we need to cleanse our body and mind and cultivate positive thoughts. We can’t certainly remove the negativity around but we can atleast stop those thoughts from reaching us.

We can do yoga, meditate, and pray. We can spread positive words and positive thoughts because as it seems now this is the way we will be living for at least an year. Thus, we need to stay positive and healthy.

Blogging is a great platform to spread positivity. Positive thoughts are always welcomed by people as they generate positivity around us. Positive thoughts generate positive energy and heals the body.

The mind is everything, what you think you become.


So, let’s spread positivity and heal ourselves. Let me know what you think about spreading positivity. How can we stay positive during this critical time?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Stay tuned for more such posts. Till then stay safe, healthy and happy.


Random Clicks: Flowers

A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; it just blooms.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Flowers are beautiful. They add to the beauty wherever present. They are fresh and lively. They just not grow, they bloom.

In this post, I am sharing few pictures of flowers that I found yesterday in my community while walking. Here they are:

A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.

Miranda Kerr

I hope you too will like these pictures. Feel free to comment below and stay tuned for more such short photographic posts.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Namrata 😊.

Inspirational Quotes on Happiness

Inspirations are what we humans need from time to time. We often get inspired by people, by their work or by their thoughts. Today I chose the word Happiness for inspirational quotes and there are lots of people who talk about happiness that might inspire us.

Happiness is not a new word that I am talking about in my blog. I have already shared about happiness in one of my previous posts. You can check out in the link provided here.

I have selected 4 quotations on happiness but thee are many quotations available on the internet. You can look for other if you want. I chose only 4 so that the impact of the quote can be more. When we have too much thought, we often get burdened by the thoughts and our minds become blank. So only 4-5 at a time, I suppose is better. Here are few selected inspirational quotes on happiness.

This is so true. We ourselves are responsible for our happiness. Our actions are responsible whether we will be happy or sad. So it’s important to watch our actions as they are the deciding factors of our happiness.

A happy soul has a happy mind and a healthy body.


Here the author talks about love and its relationship with happiness. According to him, love always brings happiness, peace and blessings. If we are loved, we are in peace and we are blessed.

This quotation is so well suited in today’s world. We often worry a lot about things that are not in our hands and become sad. This quote inspires us not to worry about the things that are not in our control.

Happiness lies within us. Life can be happy with what littlest we have but we tend to ignore what we actually have and long for things that we don’t have. If we are satisfied with what we have, happiness will always be there. Our thinking makes us happy or sad. So, to be happy we need to be satisfied and stay positive.

In this hard time when we are trying to live and survive with the deadly virus, staying happy is a big deal but we need to be happy as we just learned, we need very little to be happy and everyone of us have that little.

What is your favorite happiness quote? Please share with me in the comment section. Let me know whether you liked this post or not. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Be happy and stay safe.

52 Years of Togetherness: A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today is the day, 52 years ago when a woman and a man joined hands together, taking the seven vows of marriage, looking forward to a beautiful and an amazing life ahead. Yes, it was May 11, 1968 when my mom in law and my father in law got married. I wish them a very happy wedding anniversary and may they live long. May the Almighty bless them with good health and happiness.

Marriages are not easy. Marriages are like roller coaster ride with too many ups and downs but the couple that manages to withstand these up and downs stays stronger together.

In our culture every celebration starts with food and ends with food. So, I also cooked many delicacies at home for my family. We are not with our in laws right now, but nothing can stop us from celebrating big and small moments that come in our lives. I prepared vegetarian Indian food such as Daal Tadka, White Rice, Palak Paneer, Raita, and Green Coriander Chutney.

As a couple, in a marriage, there will be everything. They will witness happiness, love, pain, grief and stress too. It’s not as easy as depicted in some romantic Bollywood movies. Marriage needs strong will power, trust and commitment.

Marriage is more about trust than about love. Before loving, we need to trust each other. When you don’t trust each other, you cannot love each other


What looks like a perfect marriage? What is a perfect marriage? Is there anything like “perfect” in marriage? No, there is nothing. No man is perfect. No woman is perfect. But a couple can be perfect for each other and that’s what makes a successful marriage.

What’s so beautiful about an relationship? A relationship where you fight, but you cannot live without each other. Marriage is also one such relationship.

A marriage grows only when people start accepting the differences in each other and not trying to change each other. 52 years of togetherness requires hell lot of patience, courage, determination and loads and loads of love and respect for each other. Many more years of togetherness to my in laws.

I believe it’s magical to grow together, have gray hair, and dentures, still walk hand in hand like young couples.

I don’t just want to live with you, I want to grow old with you.


Sunday Thoughts

Hello Readers and My Dear Friends,

Today, I am sharing four amazing thoughts by two great people who once lived in this world Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. The thoughts are inspiring and true in present world too.

I do believe in this. What we think, is what we really are. If we think positive we become a positive person and vice versa. Our thoughts make us and we see the world through our thoughts. So what we think is extremely important.

True, how we act in a situation is critical. If we act positively to a situation, even in a extremely negative situation, our fate might help us. This was what I could understand from this quote. Please let me know in the comment section, what you think about this quotation.

We often forget to talk to ourselves. Talking to ourselves everyday might help in reducing stress and negativity. It might also boost our confidence and help us in overcoming our shortcomings. So, from today, I am planning to talk to myself before going to bed and see what changes I see in myself.

Yes, by default humanity should be the one and only religion in this world. Helping others and needy should be our motto of life. The more we help other, the more happiness it brings.

With so much negativity around, let’s think something positive on this Sunday and spread positivity in the world. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post 🙏.


Praying is Important

We pray everyday. But why do we pray? Is it important to pray? Who taught us to pray? Who was the first person to pray and what did he/she prayed for? These questions came in my mind today when I was praying today. I always see my parents and elders praying everyday in the morning. It’s like a ritual in my family and in my extended family too to pray everyday.

I also know people who pray even at night before going to bed. I also try to follow this but generally forget. So, again the same question, why do we pray? Not all of us pray. There are people who do not believe in God and do not pray. Their lives their choices.

I pray because I believe in Him. I believe that there is some force, we call it spiritual force, the God who looks after us and takes care of us. In God I believe 🙏🙏.

Why do we Pray?

We pray for various reasons and reasons vary from one person to another. My reasons for prayers might vary with yours. But in general, I think:

1. We pray for internal peace and harmony.

2. We pray for His blessings on us.

3.We pray because we are thankful to Him for whatever we have.

4. We pray to show our gratitude to Him.

5. We pray because we trust Him.

6. We pray because we know He is listening.

Important of Prayer in Hinduism

Prayer is an important part of any religion. Every religion has its own decorum for prayers. Prayers are based on beliefs, the beliefs that humans have in God.

In Hinduism we have many forms of God. A God can be He or She. Prayer plays an important role in this religion too. It’s an integral part of Hindu culture. In Hindi it’s known as “Prarthana”. Our day starts with a morning prayer and ends with an evening prayer. Every festival is associated with one God. Everyday is dedicated to one God. We can pray in a temple or at our homes. So prayers can be collective, in groups or individually.

In Hinduism prayer is a way to show love, affection and faith in God. The God is considered as the Deity or a Guru (teacher).

Prayer connects us to the Almighty. It’s a medium of connection between we the humans and the Creator. I believe that we can connect to God at any time that we want. We can pray whenever we like but we should definitely pray.

We shouldn’t just pray for our well being. We should pray for the well being of each and every creature on this earth. We should pray for everyone.

Let’s keep praying for the world to recover from this pandemic as soon as possible. Let’s pray for the speedy recovery of those who are suffering from the pandemic. Let’s pray for the betterment of everyone of us.

Stay Happy

This is the time to find out, what exactly makes us happy. As we are in isolation and social distancing, we need to groom ourselves from within. At this time, either we are living with our families or stuck alone at one place. Not at all exciting.

We always associate happiness with what things we have like money, food, gadgets, etc. We forget that staying happy is not materialistic, it’s a state of mind. If we are satisfied with what we have in life, we tend to be happy. When we have healthy mind and body, we are happy. Happiness comes from within. It is nothing to deal with what we have.

PC: Flickr.com

What makes me happy are the small things that happens in day to day lives. Sometimes having a “me time” makes me happy 😊. Sometimes cooking makes me happy. The other day coloring makes me happy. Reading a book also makes me happy.

Birds chirping, children playing, music, dancing, there are many things that make me happy. Little things that happen in our lives are the happy things. These little things make our lives.

Right now, in the given situation staying happy for long is not possible because the world is going through a major crisis. It’s chaos everywhere. Life is full of uncertainty. We don’t know what will come next. Still we try to be happy by doing little things that really makes us happy. There is still a hope that everything will get better sooner or later. We need to have patience. Our patience is being tested and we certainly need to score our best.

PC: Flickr.com

Let’s look beyond the closed door. Let’s pray for happy days to come. Let’s stay happy and positive.

What you all do these days to keep yourselves happy? Please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to know.

Live, Learn, and Grow

This is the most inspiring quote I ever read or came across till date. This quote inspires me to live everyday to the fullest. It also inspires me to keep learning everyday. Now that we are living in lockdown or shelter at home, what is the best thing that we can do, is to learn something new, try something new, work on something that we always wanted to, try on a new hobby, because learning keeps us engaged and happy.

And when it comes to learning there are so many things to try. We can learn drawing, painting, calligraphy, cooking, writing, photography, new courses, dancing, yoga, Zumba, and many more. Today everything is available on YouTube. We can learn being at home too.

So what are you waiting for? Utilize this time to gain something. The time is too critical, and its not going to be normal in coming months. Live, learn, and grow. This is the most positive thing and the need of time.

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