Random Clicks: Squirrel

Since humans are locked 🔒 down in their homes, animals are roaming here and there without any fear. Though squirrels 🐿 are very common in my area as there are many acorn trees 🌳 that drop acorns all the time, I can find them hopping from one tree to another and running on the ground […]

Random Clicks: Water

In this chaotic and difficult situation, I thought it would be better to share some pictures of water that are always calming and serene. I hope you all will like it. Water is clear and flowing. The creek has its own biodiversity that I will show you some other day. Thank you for stopping by […]

Random Clicks: White Flowers

With spring season on, here in Texas some trees are in full bloom with lots of pretty flowers on them. You can’t ignore them, they are so gorgeous. These flowers are so lovely to watch, so calming to eyes. Blue sky, green leaves, and white flowers make just perfect view. It beauties any landscape. The […]

Random Clicks: Red Berries on Bush

The red berries on the bush are stunning to look at. Red fruits in a bunch peeping out of green leaves look so so beautiful that you can’t move your eyes away from them. Aren’t these gorgeous ? I have just fallen in love with them. I hope you also liked them. Thank you 😊.

Random Clicks: Flowers

As we all know, Spring season is on its way, the plants are preparing themselves and the flowers are about to bloom. I found some flowers 🌺 in my community that made my day. I randomly clicked few photographs of flowers 💐 that drove me towards themselves while I was walking in the evening with […]

Random Clicks: Beautiful Flowers

Hello Readers, This is my second post in the series “Random Clicks”. My first random clicks were on birds. In this post, I am sharing few photographs that were taken by my husband. Photography is his passion and he never misses a chance to click the mesmerizing beauty of the nature. Nature is captivating. Nature […]

Sunset and Clouds Through an Airplane Window

Nature is always attractive. We often get mesmerized by the beauty of the nature. Mountains, rivers, oceans, rain, clouds, snow, flowers, leaves, etc all have a charismatic effect on humans. We are often drawn towards nature. We are blessed with the beauty of nature. Nature is the lively. I will discuss about it in my […]