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Quotations on Environment and Its Importance

Today is the World Environment Day. June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day since 1974. The motto behind celebrating environment day is to spread awareness among common people, to understand the importance of environment and its diversity, to understand the dependence of humans on the environment, etc.

I have always been talking about environment, plants and pollution on my blog. You can check my previous posts on the how we can be responsible and protect our environment. You can also check my posts on effects of air pollution on plants. There are various posts on my blog where I talk about importance of plants for the betterment of our environment and planet.

In this post I am sharing with you some quotations that inspire us to take care of our environment. These quotations are short but inspiring. In less words, these quotations help us understand the importance of nature and its biodiversity.

I hope we learn at least something from our previous mistakes and react as soon as possible. We still have time to mend our mistakes, be responsible and act wisely to take care of what we have.

Random Clicks: Flowers

Beautiful flowers are always attractive. These days, I stop a bit to look at their mesmerizing beauty and then click their photographs. This has become my hobby whenever I go for a walk.

I know, watching these beauties in real is more fun than watching their pictures but in pictures these flowers are alive forever. Pictures are the best way to keep the memories alive and so are the moments.

I hope you will like the pictures that I clicked yesterday. I hope these pictures would bring a broad smile on your face as well.

These were few clicks from yesterday. Wish you all a happy Monday. Stay safe and happy. Stay tuned for more such photoblogs. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post.


Random Clicks: Rainbow

Rainbows 🌈 are beautiful to watch. Two weeks earlier there were two rainbows 🌈 in the sky. It rained in the evening and then the Sun 🌞 came out showing the two beautiful colorful bows in the sky.

It was longtime I saw this beautiful play of nature where nature was at its best. I hope these random clicks will be liked by my readers.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post 🙏🙏.

Random Clicks: Squirrel

Since humans are locked 🔒 down in their homes, animals are roaming here and there without any fear. Though squirrels 🐿 are very common in my area as there are many acorn trees 🌳 that drop acorns all the time, I can find them hopping from one tree to another and running on the ground for food. I also see them playing and fighting with each other.

As squirrels 🐿 are so notorious that I couldn’t find them static at one place so that I could click their pictures. I could hardly manage to click some pictures from a distance by not disturbing them.

It’s very exciting to watch them hopping and jumping all around and even stopping for eating their favorite acorns. One day, I also clicked the picture of an acorn that my son picked to feed the squirrel 🐿. My son couldn’t understand why the squirrel 🐿 runs when he goes to feed.

An acorn

I hope all of you are doing well in the present critical situation. May we soon get rid of this virus 🦠. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post 🙏🙏. Stay at home 🏡 stay safe.

Random Clicks: Water

In this chaotic and difficult situation, I thought it would be better to share some pictures of water that are always calming and serene.

I hope you all will like it. Water is clear and flowing. The creek has its own biodiversity that I will show you some other day.

Thank you for stopping by and reading 📖. Stay at home stay safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

Sunset and Clouds Through an Airplane Window

Nature is always attractive. We often get mesmerized by the beauty of the nature. Mountains, rivers, oceans, rain, clouds, snow, flowers, leaves, etc all have a charismatic effect on humans.

We are often drawn towards nature. We are blessed with the beauty of nature. Nature is the lively. I will discuss about it in my another post.

During my last flight to Texas, I captured some pictures on my phone that turned up nice. Today, I am sharing those pics with you all. I hope you will like the pictures.

These were the best I captured from my plane window. I also made a video when the airplane entered the clouds and then came out.

I hope you would like this post. For more such posts and amazing content please follow my blog and also comment and like.

Choose Wisely, Be Responsible..

Whatever we do on daily basis has an impact on the ecosystem and overall environment. Human activities determine the health of the environment.

Air Pollution

With the advancement of human well being we are getting more and more away from nature. Various types of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution, etc etc are all detrimental to us and nature.

Today we don’t think twice before buying a new cell phone while still having one that is perfectly fine to be used for next 5-6 years. Why ? Because technology has changed. Technology changes everyday. In months or so we have another phone with latest technology and the cell phone that we were using till date becomes outdated.

Nobody thinks about the Lead (element) batteries that are present in the cell phones that might lead soil pollution if not disposed properly.

It’s good to be with time, to flow with technology but we should know how things need to be disposed, recycled or trashed. Everything that we throw in a trash can is not to be trashed. Some can be recycled while others can be reused.

Electronic wastes should we disposed properly. Companies that produce the electronic goods should have the guidelines for the disposition of the used products.

Plastics, papers, cartons and clothes can be reused before just throwing them in the bins. This might sound foolish but it actually proves beneficial to nature.

Think before throwing stuffs in a dustbin. Think before buying new things. Think before acting because it’s not just for us. It’s for the generations to come. It’s for the future.

If we are not going to take action towards betterment of Mother Nature, she has her own ways.

Stay Happy Stay Blessed

Snowing 🌨 Happy Winter

How do you feel when it’s snowing?? Many enjoy snow ⛄️ while others cuddle in their cozy blankets.

It snowed mildly yesterday. My kids enjoyed viewing it from the patio as it was too cold outside. When it snows outside, it’s beautiful to watch.

Nature relaxes in its own ways. You can spend hours just watching the serenity of the nature and can never get bored. At least this is what I feel.

Snow is not my favourite entity when it comes to nature but there is no harm watching it from the windows. Snow ❄️ always reminds me of the drop in the temperature and I can’t tolerate too much cold weather. I really get scared when temperature drops below 1 degree C.

Sometimes it’s quite depressing. You can’t go out. Kids can’t play in the playground. You are confined to your houses. You receive sunlight but it doesn’t give you the actual warmth.

To me sunlight is the real source of energy and warmth. I feel the places depressing that do not receive sunlight. So for me, sunlight is very important.

Sunny days are full of energy and positivity. I love sonny days. And when it is sunny after snowing 🌨 it looks good but weather still remains chilly 🥶.

Snowing 🌨 with chilling winds actually hurts the bones. To me it feels like the wind is passing through all layers of clothes and the skin.

It’s good to at home when it snows but it’s not generally that happens. You have to go out for work and for grabbing stuffs from shops such as groceries and produce.

How to enjoy in winters? Grab a coffee ☕️ and enjoy the chilling weather. Winters have just started. It’s going to be worse in January. Real winters are still to come.

Wish you Happy Winter ❄️.

Are You Wise and Not Wasteful?

What do you mean by being wise and not wasteful? 

How can we be wise and not wasteful?

We all know the consequences of the anthropogenic activities on the nature. I am also aware of all different types of environmental issues that we are facing severely today. 

Last year, I visited an International Conference on Environmental Challenges and Sustainability at Ranchi, Jharkhand, India were renowned professors were invited from esteemed universities across the country for their keynotes, lectures and scientific talks. So, I wanted to share my views.

Every now and then we hear about conferences on environment occurring here and there. We also hear, read and watch news on environmental summits occurring across the world. Why, because Man has destructed nature to an extent that now he needs to fix everything.

What do people do in such conferences? People come, have big talks, raise issues related to environment, formulate methods to solve or minimize the problem, etc and when they go home they forget everything. None of us have the commitment to change anything. We just listen, talk, read and forget.

What is the outcome of such seminars, workshops and conferences that take place around the globe? Do they reach the common masses? Do they really contribute towards any improvement of the society?


Nothing happens. People talking about environment, nature, earth, etc, just talk and walk away. Very few have the guts to do something and take stands by themselves for solving the problems/issues.

Do you really think, we need a Prime Minister for “Swachhata Aviyan” or “Swachha Bharat Aviyaan“?? Don’t we know that we should keep our house and surroundings clean??

Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

Do you really think, we need laws to make us understand the importance of environment??

Do you really think, we need government officials or a government to teach us how to clean our surroundings??

No, right??

Why are we so ignorant when it comes to the environment? Why? Where is the problem??

The problem is in our habits, in our way of thinking, in our determination. Knowledge is a waste if it is not applied practically. 

All of us know how we can keep our surroundings clean. All of us know, how we can contribute towards betterment of our environment. The day we really start worshiping our mother Earth, the problem will be solved. If we start taking care of our surroundings as we take care of our homes, this world will be a better place to live.

This post is a reminder to me and to the readers that every little bit of changes in our habits can have a large impact on the environment. Little positive changes daily can bring great changes in the environment.

God created nature and then he created Man to protect nature, not to destroy nature. Man is just a part of nature like other animals and he should respect the nature and the mother Earth. 

REMEMBER: Man needs nature for his survival. Nature does not need man for its existence.

So be wise and not wasteful.

Dr. Namrata pandey