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The Biggest Gift Ever: Freedom (Lockdown Thoughts)

One of my first Lockdown Thoughts, that I think I forgot to publish. Today, when I was scrolling through my draft posts, I came across this post. The Biggest Gift Ever: Freedom. I wrote this post on April, 12 2020 but somehow forgot to post.

I know that the lockdown has been removed and now we have accepted the Pandemic, this post might not seem that meaningful. Still I am sharing this with you all to know whether you all also agree with me on this or not.

We, the humans might differ today in many things such as social status, bank balance, health conditions, emotions, etc but one thing that we have in common is that we are lacking FREEDOM.

Rich or poor, thin or obese, young or old, male or female, healthy or unhealthy what we don’t have right now is FREEDOM.

We do not have the FREEDOM to go outside.

We do not have the FREEDOM to meet people.

We do not have the FREEDOM to live our lives carefree.

We are locked. We are locked with everything accessible inside our house. We are like the animals in the zoo that have food to eat, water to drink and space to move but are caged. We are caged with limited access to move out.

So, if we still do not understand what is the best gift ever a person can have, we will never. This pandemic though driving us crazy everyday has taught at least one lesson. We are blessed when we have freedom.

FREEDOM to go out. FREEDOM to meet people. FREEDOM to work. FREEDOM to make decisions. FREEDOM to do whatever we like to do in our lives.

But FREEDOM comes with great responsibilities. FREEDOM should not be exploited.

Let me know in the comment section whether my thoughts are relatable or not. Your comments and thoughts means a lot to me. So, please do comment and forgive me for not posting this post on the right time.

Questions Related to Pandemic 2020

Pandemic 2020 has changed our world by 360 degrees. Every one is affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. The pandemic alone is not a problem, many other problems are also emerging due to this.

There is chaos everywhere. Nobody knows what to do and how to do. Lockdown in any part of the world cannot be for longer duration. We even don’t know how much lockdown is enough for the Coronavirus to disappear.

There are many questions in our minds that keep us haunting all the time related to the pandemic. I have listed few questions that always come in my mind.

1. When will the Pandemic 2020 end?

2. How will we know that the Pandemic 2020 has ended?

3. Who will declare that Pandemic has ended?

4. When will we resume our normal lives?

5. When can we start living without the fear of COVID-19?

I don’t know, who has the answers to these questions. While deep digging the history of pandemic, nothing looks to be normal in near future.

If you have answers to my questions you are most welcome to pen down below. Hope to see you tomorrow with a new post. Till then let not this pandemic steal the happiness from our lives. Stay healthy and stay positive.

Spread Positivity

At the moment there are all sorts of news that are constantly filling our brains with negativity and the toughest part is, we can’t ignore them. In the months of March and April I was so much engrossed in the news of COVID-19 that sometimes it felt that everything is falling apart and this world is going to end.

Then I decided not to watch any news related to the pandemic, not to react with any memes or messages sent on any social platform, etc. This helped me a lot. I ignored any messages of COVID-19 that were sent on WhatsApp groups.

Being a microbiologist, I knew social distancing, using masks and gloves and maintaining personal hygiene is important. Eating healthy and boosting immunity is important as we don’t have the vaccine yet. So, I sticked to these religiously. Things started getting better. I felt reduction in my negative thoughts.

PC: Canva

Positivity and negativity impacts our mind and body in different ways. Science also proves the impact of positive and negative thoughts on our body and mind.

In present scenario our mind constantly receives news related to COVID-19. Everyone talks about it. In the news, any digital platform and at homes we knowingly or unknowingly keep talking about the deadly virus. Our minds are overwhelmed with the negativity.

So we need to cleanse our body and mind and cultivate positive thoughts. We can’t certainly remove the negativity around but we can atleast stop those thoughts from reaching us.

We can do yoga, meditate, and pray. We can spread positive words and positive thoughts because as it seems now this is the way we will be living for at least an year. Thus, we need to stay positive and healthy.

Blogging is a great platform to spread positivity. Positive thoughts are always welcomed by people as they generate positivity around us. Positive thoughts generate positive energy and heals the body.

The mind is everything, what you think you become.


So, let’s spread positivity and heal ourselves. Let me know what you think about spreading positivity. How can we stay positive during this critical time?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Stay tuned for more such posts. Till then stay safe, healthy and happy.


Life After Pandemic 2020

Lockdown being partially removed in various cities around the world, the life does not seem to be the same as earlier. Social distancing is still the key factor to break the chain of infection and the only preventive measure for COVID-19.

God only knows when this pandemic is going to end. I don’t see any of in near future, at least not this year. The infection spikes exponentially but slows down in years.

There is no doubt that cure of COVID-19 will be there, vaccines will pe produced in near future. But nothing looks possible in 2020. Till then, what is the best possible scenario left to protect ourselves from the virus? The only answer is social distancing, avoiding meeting people, avoiding mass gatherings, maintaining personal hygiene, and avoiding handshakes.

Let’s suppose the pandemic ends, which is to happen one day, how will be life after pandemic? Will we be allowed to roam around freely? Will we be comfortable in meeting people? Will we be able to have parties at home or outside? Will we be able to go for vacations? Will be dining out frequently with our loved ones? Will we be able to buy groceries the way we used to buy before the pandemic?

So many questions come to our minds everyday. Pandemic has become an integral part of our lives. For at least an year or so, we need to learn how to live with this virus.

Life will never be as easy as it was before pandemic. It has hit hard not only the economy but also every individual emotionally too. Life with and after pandemic is not going to be easy. More the number of infected people in a city, more time it will take to recover from the disease.

Life will come back to normal but might take years for that. At least this is what can be depicted from 1918 pandemic. As reported on some websites, 1918 pandemic ended in 1920. I don’t know how it ended? I mean, whether people developed immunity to the virus or it deteriorated after infecting a large human populations.

If we see the 1918 pandemic, what we should learn from the history is that social distancing really works.

What Life Changes are Possible After Pandemic 2020 Ends?

1. More Emphasis on Being Healthy: The most positive change that will be experienced after pandemic is the change in the way we eat. Health will be the priority for everyone. Eating healthy and exercising at home will be the prime duty. People will still avoid eating out and will try to cook at home as far as possible.

2. Remote Learning Will be a New Concept of Learning: With schools and universities closed for a longer period of time, remote learning will be a new acceptable competitor of learning. Online learning will be a big yes as parents will be reluctant in sending their children outside for coaching and tuitions.

3. More Work From Home Jobs: After the end of pandemic 2020, people will still find it comfortable to work from home. People will look for jobs that can be handles from home itself to avoid any kind of physical meetings and gatherings.

4. Work From Home Will be New Working Concept: Companies will allow their employees to work from as long as possible to avoid any physical contacts.

5. Boom in Healthcare Jobs: Need of doctors, nurses, paramedicals, postdoctoral scholars, scientists will not be the same as before COVID-19 outbreak. With more and more research work needed in this direction, more jobs will be created in science and technology.

6. Globalization will be a Big No No: For at least 2-3 years, people will avoid traveling to Foreign countries for jobs and business purposes.

6. Resuming Focus on Healthcare System: COVID-19 has taught us that health is the real wealth and for every country, a proper healthcare system is utmost important. Healthcare system will be given the prime focus. Government will look for the loop holes in the healthcare system and should be always prepared for such pandemic crisis.

These are entirely my personal opinions that might vary with others. This is how I think, life will be after the pandemic ends. It may be or may not be in real. Please let me know what changes do you see in our lives after COVID-19.

Stay Happy

This is the time to find out, what exactly makes us happy. As we are in isolation and social distancing, we need to groom ourselves from within. At this time, either we are living with our families or stuck alone at one place. Not at all exciting.

We always associate happiness with what things we have like money, food, gadgets, etc. We forget that staying happy is not materialistic, it’s a state of mind. If we are satisfied with what we have in life, we tend to be happy. When we have healthy mind and body, we are happy. Happiness comes from within. It is nothing to deal with what we have.

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What makes me happy are the small things that happens in day to day lives. Sometimes having a “me time” makes me happy 😊. Sometimes cooking makes me happy. The other day coloring makes me happy. Reading a book also makes me happy.

Birds chirping, children playing, music, dancing, there are many things that make me happy. Little things that happen in our lives are the happy things. These little things make our lives.

Right now, in the given situation staying happy for long is not possible because the world is going through a major crisis. It’s chaos everywhere. Life is full of uncertainty. We don’t know what will come next. Still we try to be happy by doing little things that really makes us happy. There is still a hope that everything will get better sooner or later. We need to have patience. Our patience is being tested and we certainly need to score our best.

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Let’s look beyond the closed door. Let’s pray for happy days to come. Let’s stay happy and positive.

What you all do these days to keep yourselves happy? Please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to know.

Live, Learn, and Grow

This is the most inspiring quote I ever read or came across till date. This quote inspires me to live everyday to the fullest. It also inspires me to keep learning everyday. Now that we are living in lockdown or shelter at home, what is the best thing that we can do, is to learn something new, try something new, work on something that we always wanted to, try on a new hobby, because learning keeps us engaged and happy.

And when it comes to learning there are so many things to try. We can learn drawing, painting, calligraphy, cooking, writing, photography, new courses, dancing, yoga, Zumba, and many more. Today everything is available on YouTube. We can learn being at home too.

So what are you waiting for? Utilize this time to gain something. The time is too critical, and its not going to be normal in coming months. Live, learn, and grow. This is the most positive thing and the need of time.