Self-analysis Related to Lifestyle Part 2

This is the follow up post of a questionnaire I posted last year to see whether I have changed my lifestyle or not. The question were simple to answer and were a check on our lifestyle. Let me answer those questions again and see the progress. Here I go, Question No. 1: What was your […]

Why Eating Right is Important?

Do we really think before putting anything in our mouth? If yes, that’s good. Do we really stop eating anything that is not good for us or our health? If yes, you are living a healthy life. We often know what is right and what is not, but then also we do. This is because, […]

Self-Analysis Related to Lifestyle

I created a questionnaire for self-analysis that is related to lifestyle, based on past one-month experience. I found it interesting in creating and answering the questionnaire. The questions are based on what our lifestyle was last month and what steps can be taken to improve the lifestyle if it was not up to the mark. […]

Role of Healthy Diet in Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Food is the fuel required for providing energy to our body. When we intake food, it is digested by our digestive system and complex organic compounds are broken down into simpler form that can be used to derive energy to carry out all the metabolic activities of the body.  Thus, food is very important for […]

A Healthy Lifestyle: Is It That Hard These Days?

In today’s world of modernization and digitization, life is super relaxing. If we don’t want to cook, we can order our favorite food online. Thanks to online websites such as Ubereats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. We can even buy some ready to eat stuffs from market. When we don’t want to go for shopping, we can […]