A Hopeful Tuesday

What are the present situation all around the world 🌎? What are we going through everyday? There is chaos all over. COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Schools closed, offices closed, gyms closed, library closed, stores closed, normal life ceased. What was normal one month ago is now a problem. Going out and buying […]

Every Bit is Counting

Today, when I just opened Google page to find something, I found an interesting Google doodle. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go and check. This is how the search page looks like. Click on the play button to see what happens. I am sharing the link here so that you can watch the […]

The Need of Time

What is the need of time? Being a responsible human being and staying at home? Or acting as if isolation is a bullshit, not for me, my life my way and spreading the virus? A very famous quote is “Prevention is better that Cure”. This is what we need to understand. We don’t have a […]

I am Fed Up of Coronavirus

O God!! Please give me and this world a break. This new Coronavirus has gone viral and driving us crazy like anything. You can’t travel. You can’t socialize outside. You can’t dine out. I mean what’s happening? Is there any solution to this problem?? WHO says washing hands properly and avoiding touching face and eyes […]

Myths Related to COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) Answered by WHO

Here are some questions related to COVID-19 ( the new Coronavirus) that are answered by World Health Organization (WHO) in public interest. I thought it’s worth sharing because in today’s world of social media every news becomes a burning news and spreads in a blink of an eye leading to myths and false claims. Myths […]