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Hello All,

Being encouraged by wonderful comments of yours on my first attempt of “Saturday Six Word Story Prompt”, I am here again with my second attempt. “Saturday Six Word Story Prompt” is hosted my Shweta Suresh at My Random Ramblings. You can know more about this story prompt here.

Prompt for Week #47 (Jul 18, 2020 – Jul 25, 2020)


My six word stories are as follows:

1. Time once gone, never comes back.

2. Those who value time, value work.

3. Time is priceless, shouldn’t be wasted.

4. This is right time, do it.

5. Time and respect can’t be bought.

6. Value time, value life, value yourself.

7. This shall pass too with time.

8. Time is a healer, have patience.

9. Time well spent is well earned.

This was all that I could think of. These six word stories are really interesting. I am liking it. Please let me know, what do you think about these stories? Did you like it? What else can you think of with time? Please comment down and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. Wish you all a very happy Thursday.