How Science Impacts Our Daily Life – 1

In today’s world, we are surrounded by science and technology. It won’t be wrong if I say, science is deeply rooted in whatever we do in our daily lives. Science is so much into our lives that we can’t ignore science in any way.

Science is a gift in our lives that has filled our lives with knowledge, comfort and excitement. it has transformed our lives for the betterment of human lives.

Science is everywhere and in everything we do. We start our day by brushing our teeth. Toothpaste and the brush are scientific products. We use soaps to bathe and detergents to wash our clothes. Shampoos, conditioners, oil, etc all are scientific products. All the makeup products, household products, kitchen appliances, home appliances, vehicles, gas, electricity, computers, internet, are due to our scientific knowledge. Medical and healthcare advantages are due to science.

Can we live for a single day without science? Can we even imagine our lives without science? I think, the answer is no. Let’s talk about science and it’s impact on our lives one by one.

Science and Agriculture

Science is a vast term and agriculture is a part of it. Agriculture not only involves plants but also animals. With the advancement in the agronomist research (research in agricultural field) and development the agricultural productivity has increased, infection rate has decreased, food production has increased and sustainability has also increased.

Modern agriculture is not only related to food production but it is also concerned with processing and preservation of food for humans and animals. Today agriculture is also related with oil production,honey production, timber, leathers, fibers, flowers, industrial chemicals, etc. Agriculture with the help of science and technology has broadened its field and efficiency.

Our increasing in the knowledge of other fields of science such as chemistry, biotechnology, and plant science has benefitted agricultural. Combination of agrnonomical scientific tools with agricultural practices has changed the field of agriculture.

Science and Industrial Revolution

Science has a major contribution in industrial revolution and are closely connected to each other. Inventions in science indirectly led to industrial revolution. Machines, tools, motors, engines, electricity, etc played major role in industrial revolution. The inventors of many machines and tools were not really scientists. The major breakthrough in industrial revolution was the invention of steam engine.

Steam Engine

The power of science and technology is behind the success of globalization of industrial revolution. The production of electricity, advancement in vehicles, steam boats for transportation, ability to communicate with each other from long distances led to industrial revolution.

Science and Education

Use of science and technology has increased in schools and colleges for meaningful and joyful learning. Science and technology has changed the conventional classroom teaching and learning experience.

Students now enjoy learning with videos, interactive lessons and elearning. Use of internet and ebooks give wide collection of books, journals and research papers easily reachable. Online tutoring and online courses have also made learning easily accessible to everyone.

There are other fields also where science impacts are daily lives. Those fields will be discussed in another blogpost. I hope this post will be informative. Science and technology has improved our lives in good sense.

How Man, Science, and Technology Are Related To Each Other?

In the present world of modernization, science and technology have become inseparable terms. Science and technology have their role to play in almost every part of human life. There is no doubt that man has become too much dependent upon technology.

Shaping of tools by the early men is used as an example of social change and establishment of human culture. Science and technology has made human lives easier and more comfortable. Newer technologies often lead to social change and vice versa. Some people say that newer technologies lead to social change while other believe that society leads to the development of newer and better technologies.

A General Idea:

A society can either accept or reject a technology depending upon its need. Advancement in medical sciences and equipment has decreased the mortality rate. Similar advancement in the field of agriculture has increased the choice of food and food products.

Betterment in teaching facilities using computers, laptop and internet has also made learning easier and fun. New ways of communication like cell phones, internet and media have also made faster and cheaper communication.

Technology has also improved the factories and industries, thereby leading to industrialization. Science and technology has also solved the problem of unemployment to some extent. Thus, there are immense advantages of science and technology in the development of society, the side effects of technology cannot be ignored.

Science and technology is also related to equipment of mass destruction. Thus, every good thing comes with bad things. Man can use science and technology for benefits or destruction. Science and technology just act as tools in the hands of humans.

Pandemic Thoughts:

This year, we have become more dependent on technology. Especially on the digital technology. Now, we order every thing online, kids are having their online classes, people are working from home, etc. During the lockdown, since we couldn’t meet people we were too much dependent on our cell phones for communication, and we still are. People are more confined to their homes and are forced to spend their lives in front of television, laptops, computers, and cell phones.

Top 5 features for iPhone which you might not be aware of

Are you using your iPhone in efficient way? In this blog we are going to talk about few feature of iPhone which you are not using just because you are not aware of it.

  1. Have you ever faced a situation when you made a typo while sending a text or writing a email and then trying to delete the typo letter? You might press the text focus and try to set that to the position. But if you press any letter on the keyword then you can move the text. Watch the video.
Easy Focus movement while typing

2. Location : Do you know what your iPhone knows about you? Location service feature has it all. iphone has System services where your iPhone tracks your location. Go to Settings->Locations->System Services->Significant Locations you will be able to see the locations you visited.

Location Services

3. Timer to Stop Music: Think about this, you want to listen to music when you just went to bed but you are not sure that you will be able to turn the music off after some time or you are already in sleep. Very recently this feature has been introduced where not only you can play a music with timer settings but you can also stop a music.

Look at the last option in the Pic

4. Location based Do no Disturb : You can turn on your DND based on the location. If you go to your control center and press the DND icon you will get the pop-up menu with the help of this you can always turn off the DND by location.

5. Application Folder Notification Information : Consider you have one application folder with lots of application and folder shows 5 notification. If you press the folder hard, you will get a pop up menu and in that menu you can easily find which application has notification.

Folder Notification Options

In Next blog post I will be back with some more tech news and things which is common and we should know to make life better. Till then keep reading and learning.


Introduction to CRM

CRM is a backbone for any organization. A customer can be delighted by the product or the offerings made by a company but if they fail to covert a good sale to a good service, then it is a problem for the future of that organization. A CRM application is a one stop solution of an organization where they can do end to end transaction right from getting leads to serving the customers.

CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management tool, plays a vital role for any organization to maintain its end to end transaction with a customer. A CRM tool should be enabled in such a way that it fits all the organization and business needs of a service provider for its end client. CRM tool should be capable enough to handle all the transaction right from getting a lead/opportunity till handling all the queries during customer services. There are many tools in the market which can fit to the purpose but there are no tool which can fill the 100% needs.

CRM by Modules:

This is a huge debate topic that how many modules are there in CRM? The quick answer is five. But the core CRM is made up of only three modules. Reporting and Social media/Events can be considered as other wings to it.

The three core modules of the CRM are:

  1. Sales
  2. Services
  3. Marketing

Sales: Sales is the process to create or generate a new business for the company. A typical sales process starts with Lead which converts to an account till the end stage of invoice. Opportunity plays a vital role in a sales process. An opportunity creates sales pipeline to track the opportunity and it is called Won if customer agrees with the quote and it is called Lost when customer do not agrees with the quote and sales lifecycle ends.

Sales Process

Services: This is a wide area where an organization provides support to the sale which is already made. In other words, serving the customer through different modes of operation. It can be a call back request from the customer to a monthly invoice or an email statement or an appointment to answer the queries.

This is a big area which helps an organization, to see a happy customer which may lead to a positive social review.

Services do not have a defined process in the CRM process like Sales. A service an be of two types: event based, or commitment based. For example:  a call back request from a customer is an event-based service while monthly statement in an email or a paper mail is a commitment-based service.  

Core Mode of Services

Marketing: Think about an advertisement or a trade fare or a sales campaign where a lead gets generated or an organization displaying offerings/launches/benefits for future customers. By the definition mode, marketing is a process to generate or to bring new businesses to an organization.

Like Services, marketing also does not have any defined process. It depends upon the strategy of an individual organization. Let’s meet in my next blog for more for more on CRM. We are going to talk about the CRM admin modules, Entities and all the possible things you should know. Write me on if you have any question.

Raghubansh Pandey