Holy Basil: Tulsi a Therapeutic Plant

Hello everyone, This is just a video of an informative post that I posted last year. Many of you might not have read it. I hope this video might help you in getting more information about the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant. If you want to read the post please click on the link provided […]

Herbal Remedies for Healthy and Beautiful Hair: Part II

Beautiful hair represent healthy hair. Healthy hair represent healthy body. All are interconnected. Some people are genetically blessed with beautiful hair. While others have to work hard to get beautiful lustrous locks. Blessed or not, we can take care of our hair and maintain what we have. We should actually take care of whatever we […]

Vaccines do Work

Today, I saw a post on the WHO website stating that “Smallpox is Dead”. Yes, smallpox, a deadly infectious disease has been eradicated globally 40 years ago. Last case of smallpox was officially reported in October 1977, and in May 1980, the disease was certified as globally eradicated. It feels an immense pleasure and satisfaction […]

Herbal Treatment for Acne

In my previous post, I have shared my knowledge on Acne vulgaris. In this post, I will be dealing with some common herbal treatments that have numerous health benefits on skin and repairs the damaged skin.  Almost each one of us might have experienced acne or pimple issues in our lifetime. It is one of […]

Acne: Let’s Understand It

Acne is the most common skin problem generally associated with teenagers. Commonly, it is also known as a pimple. In medical terminology, it is referred to as is Acne Vulgaris (AV). Let’s understand what Acne is? Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin that affects the face, neck, chest and even back. Acne can […]

Facts About Clove

Clove, you must have heard about this wonderful culinary herb most commonly used in Indian cuisine to enhance the flavor and aroma of the food. The unopened dried flower buds are what we see in our kitchen and used as a spice. Flower buds have strong aromatic smell and strong taste. Clove got its name […]

Thyme: A Wonderful Herb

Thyme, also known as French Thyme and Garden Thyme,  is a popular herb used as spice in cuisines to enhance the taste and flavor of the food. It has a strong fragrance that works wonders with the food. Apart from culinary benefits, Thyme is also known worldwide for its medicinal properties. It is also a […]

Aloe vera: The Plant of Immortality

In the previous blog post, I have given a brief introduction about a traditionally important plant Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant of tremendous therapeutic benefits and is used in herbal products and cosmetics for skin care and hair care. The medicinal benefits of Aloe vera is known for centuries and it has an […]

Understanding Cannabis

Cannabis what’s that?? Some of us are familiar with this name while others are not. In the United States and Canada it is commonly known as marijuana, weed, grass and pot.  In India, it is called as “Ganja”, a Hindi name. In English it’s called as Hemp.   Out of so many names, the most popular […]

Paresthesia of Skin – What’s That?

Have You Ever Experienced Numbness In Your Hands or Legs? Do you feel any tingling sensation or crawling in the skin if you are sitting in a particular position for a long time? Yes, its quite often to experience sensations in skin that fade away after sometime. Have You Ever Heard About “Paresthesia of Skin”?  […]