Random Clicks: Birds

Hello Readers, I have started a new series of random clicks and will share few clicks from my phone’s camera. I am not a pro photographer, just a beginner. Birds and flowers are my love objects when it comes to photography. I like capturing beautiful scenery, flowers, water, birds, lake, etc. Here are few of […]

Air Quality Index

Since I have talked so much about air pollution in my previous posts, its my duty to introduce a term to you all that it “Air Quality Index” or AQI. Now, some of you might be aware of it or might have heard about it somewhere. Today I am going to elaborate this term. What […]

Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is a topic of concern these days. Air pollution is everywhere both indoors and outdoors. Air pollutants have deteriorated the ambient air quality. I have explained about Air Pollution in details in my previous post. The sources of air pollution is explained in another post. The types of air pollution has also been […]

Choose Wisely, Be Responsible..

Whatever we do on daily basis has an impact on the ecosystem and overall environment. Human activities determine the health of the environment. With the advancement of human well being we are getting more and more away from nature. Various types of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution, […]

Aloe vera: The Plant of Immortality

In the previous blog post, I have given a brief introduction about a traditionally important plant Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant of tremendous therapeutic benefits and is used in herbal products and cosmetics for skin care and hair care. The medicinal benefits of Aloe vera is known for centuries and it has an […]

Sarcasm or Truth?

While scrolling through my social media page, I came across a thought that I shared 7 yrs ago. The thought is apt today also. Nothing changed in 7 yrs. You must be thinking, what am I talking about?? So have a look what I found today. What thoughts came into your mind when you saw […]

Air Pollution and Their Types

Air pollution is increasing day by day. Increase in the number of vehicles and automobiles on the streets and industries and factories in the cities are responsible for emergence of this problem.  Air pollution greatly effects the animals, plants and the environment as a whole. Science and technology in and around the world, has many […]

Sources of Air Pollution

With the increase in modernization, urbanization and industrialization the quality of air we breathe has drastically decreased. The air we breathe is full of poisonous gases emitted from the vehicles on streets, chimneys from factories and chimneys and many other sources.  Air pollution has become a global concern and a topic of national and international […]

What is Air Pollution?

With the advancement in science, technology and change in the lifestyle of man, despite immense benefits what is the most noticeable side effect? According to me, it is POLLUTION. Pollution whether air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution or noise pollution. Pollution is the most common side effect that technology has given us. In […]

Are You Wise and Not Wasteful?

What do you mean by being wise and not wasteful?  How can we be wise and not wasteful? We all know the consequences of the anthropogenic activities on the nature. I am also aware of all different types of environmental issues that we are facing severely today.  Last year, I visited an International Conference on […]