Paresthesia of Skin – What’s That? [Reblog]

Learning a new medical term is important for each of us. Knowing about a disease, understanding the symptoms also helps us in enhancing our health literacy. This post is a reblog of one of my first scientific posts on my blog. I hope you like the way I explain this disease. I would also like […]

World Microbiome Day

Being a microbiologist how can I not write today. Today, June, 27 is celebrated as World Microbiome Day. A day when we celebrate the benefits of microbes on us and also spread awareness among general public. is the website dedicated to serve the purpose. On this website you will find everything related to microbes. […]

Health Literacy

Literacy, how you define it? Have you ever thought of health literacy? What is health literacy? In this post, I am going to highlight these terms and try to explain them on the basis of my knowledge. Literacy, is a common English term used to describe whether a person knows how to read, and write […]

Exploring Asymptomatic Conditions: Sick or Not Sick?

We are living in a world of pandemic this year. With the commencement of COVID-19 and declaration of pandemic 2020, life is not the same this year. Many medical terms such as herd immunity, viruses, Coronavirus, surgical masks, etc are now known to most of the people in the world. Another term that is gaining […]

Do You Like Word Search Games?

Hello Everyone, Hope all of you are doing good and taking care of yourselves and your families. Today, when I was just cleaning my bookshelf, I saw the book of word search “Word Hunt” that I brought from Dollar Store last year. I always liked word searching. It keeps me busy and occupied. It is […]

World Immunization Week: Why Vaccines are Important?

April 24 to April 30 is celebrated as World Immunization Week every year. This is a global campaign to spread awareness regarding immunization and vaccines in public all around the world. World Immunization Week is observed by WHO (World Health Organization) . Immunization or vaccination 💉 is what the world is talking about these days. […]

Common Terms in Solar System: Glossary

Hello Everyone, As of now you might be knowing that my elder son (who is 9 years old) is uploading educational videos on whatever little he learns everyday or in a week. This time he has done a video on the common terms used in solar system. Please watch the video till the end and […]

Effects of Air Pollution on Plants

In my recent post on Plants and Air Pollution, I have given a general idea about how plants are also affected by air pollution as we humans. For some, it might be a new concept but for environmentalists its a well known fact. I am here to provide you all with a more detailed idea […]

Holy Basil: Tulsi a Therapeutic Plant

Hello everyone, This is just a video of an informative post that I posted last year. Many of you might not have read it. I hope this video might help you in getting more information about the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant. If you want to read the post please click on the link provided […]