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Art With Lines: Tutorial

Thank you for loving my previous posts on Art With Lines. Your comments always encourage me to try something new. As some of you requested me to show how these line patterns are drawn, today, I am here with this tutorial post.

Let’s find out with how to draw art lines with steps.

1. Make any shape of your choice. For example, draw a square.

2. Draw a line starting from one edge of the shape and then extend to the adjacent line little bit away from the first line. I hope it makes sense to you.

3. Do the same from the next line and continue moving in the same direction.

4. Keep drawing the lines as shown in the picture till there is no space to draw more lines.

For more understanding please follow the instructions shown in the picture below.

If you want to start with a triangle, then follow the same steps as explained above or the picture shown below. I hope you the picture is easy to follow.

Once you learn how to draw these lines in small spaces, you can make bigger patterns and then make these lines. For example, I will show you one pattern that I tried yesterday.

I made this pattern, as shown above to make the outline so that make the lines now. In the small triangles shown above, inside the rectangle I will make the crazy lines. The final product looks like the image shown below.

Just to give a final touch to the picture, highlight the outline of the picture. This will give a nice look to the picture. This is how the picture looks like finally.

I hope this tutorial will help you in understanding how these pictures are made. For more details and designs, you can refer to YouTube. There are various YouTube tutorials and videos to teach this line pattern.

If this tutorial benefits you in anyway, please try it out and make some patterns of your own. I would be glad to know about your patterns and do share with me on your blogs.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Keep trying new things everyday. Happy drawing ✍️.

Art with lines

Hello All,

I hope all of you are doing good and are in good health. Today, I am here with my art creativity. In one of my previous post, I shared my first art with lines and many of you liked it also.

I really had fun drawing these pictures and these were easy to draw too. If you are new, you can use a pencil to start with and then trace with a black pen.

This art can be modified in whatever way you want and it feels like you are playing with the lines. You can be creative with these lines, draw as many or in wtharever shape you want.

The picture below shows a triangle with many triangles inside and then drawing lines, led to this creativity.

In his picture, I drew a square first and many squares and triangles inside it.

In this picture, I drew a circle and then divided it into 8 eight equal parts and then did my art with lines.

I am also planning to make a tutorial on this art with lines as I feel these are nice way to learn new art and also helps us to show some creativity.

What do you feel about these line arts? Aren’t they fun? You can try them and see the real fun. You will be glad to see the final result.

Hope to see you again in my next blogpost. Till then keep good care of yourselves and your family.

Namrata 😊

Playing With Lines

Hello all, this is something new I am tried recently and it came up pretty well. This is a simple art work where you have to simply draw lines inclined to another line and what comes up is really amazing.

I hope you will like this simple art technique. It looks tough but is very easy to draw.

The image below shows an art just drawn with a pencil. I wasn’t sure whether it will turn up nice with gel pen at first go, so o missed pencil ✏️.

In the next drawing I used black gel pen. I was little bit confident this time. I know it looks like hypnotising if you stare at the picture for long time but trust me, it’s really relaxing.

You can easily draw this in half an hour or so. You only need a gel pen and a ruler. Draw the outline of any shape and keep drawing the lines little bit inclined to the adjacent line.

In the next picture, I drew a rectangle and four triangles within it. This is what came out as result.

Let me know what are your views on this art with lines. Please give your honest views only. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Stay healthy and positive.

Pencil Art

Hello Everyone,

I am sharing with you, a pencil sketch that I tried to do yesterday. I just wanted to draw something and this is what I drew. The drawing is inspired from a picture as a WhatsApp forward.

I am confused what else I can do in this picture. I thought of coloring this picture or just sketching the background and then I thought I might ruin what I created, so I just left it as it is.

Please let me know what do you think about this pencil art of mine. I know my drawing is very amateur so the faults on the picture can be ignored 😊.

Thanks a lot. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Namrata ☺️.

Doodling Again

This is my second attempt f doodling. I tried doodle faces, doodle love, and doodle flowers. Doodling is a fun. The more you do, the more you like it. It’s easy to learn and with practice the designs come spontaneous in mind.

Sometimes you might think that it’s hard to doodle but when you try it, the results that you get are amazing.

Here are some doodles I made. I hope you would like it.

Emoticons are fun to draw and watch. This was my first time making faces and these really came up well. There are various other emoticons too that I will try to include in my next post.

Every one of us might have made heart shape sometimes in our lives. These are easy to make and look pretty.

Flowers are pretty, refreshing and lively. I attempted to make different types of flowers on this page. I really enjoyed experimenting and the result was beautiful.

Let me know, which one is your favorite, you liked these doodles or not. Please feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by and reading 📖.


Have you ever tried to make something new on the paper? I did yesterday. I was just searching about doodling and surprised to know that YouTube is full of doodles and doodling. I started doodling yesterday.

I am always inclined towards drawing, coloring and sketching. I never got time to put my hands on them because I was too much busy in other things. So, this year I am looking forward to trying new things this year and doodling is one of them.

What is doodling?

Doodles are simple drawing patterns in which the artist has his/her own way of expressing any idea or thought. Doodling is a tool to enhance our creativity.

What we think is what we draw. Holding a pen, pencil or a brush gives us the liberty to draw anything on the paper. Doodling also gives us the liberty to draw or write our thoughts on the paper.

My Doodling Creativities

Yes, I am a beginner. I am a learner. I just started scribbling on paper. I may be too late to start this but it’s never too late to learn a new thing in life. So, here are my doodles:

For experts and pro, these pictures might not look up to the mark but I just started doodling yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It was really refreshing and fun to try something new. I will practice doodling as practice makes us perfect.

Let’s try something new today. Let’s doodle today.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. 😊