Okra: My Favorite Vegetable

Okra, ladies’ finger or bhindi (in Hindi) is my all time favorite vegetable. Today, when I was cutting this vegetable to prepare fried okra for breakfast, it reminded me of an old post of mine that I posted in 2019.

I would just like to add that post here so that my new friends can have a look at it. Please go through this old post of mine too.


As we all know that green vegetables are loaded with micro and macronutrients and provide us with all the nutrients required for the human body to fight against diseases.

Similarly, this green vegetable is also rich in phytonutrients. Many people also enjoy eating it raw when it is young and soft. The sticky juice and edible seeds separates this vegetable from others. The whole vegetable can be eaten raw or after cooking.

Nutritional Benefits of Okra:

Many studies have shown that okra are rich in iron, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Okra helps in reducing weight, maintaining healthy heart, and overall health of the body.

Some studies also link okra in treating diabetes and constipation. Ke tin present is okra is also used in treating and preventing cancer.

So next time when you go for buying vegetables do not overlook these green vegetables that are loaded with nutrients. I am thinking of writing a detailed post on the benefits of this vegetable soon.

Is okra your favorite vegetable too? How do you like to eat it? Please let me know in the comment section. Eat healthy and live happy.

Homemade Loaded Nachos

Being reluctant to trying new food, I gave a try to Loaded Nachos 2 months earlier and since then I and my kids have become a big fan of this recipe.

My husband tried to make loaded nachos at home a week earlier and it really turned out great.

Homemade Loaded Nachos

My kids complemented my husband by saying that the Nachos were better than what we had in the Restaurant.

It was very easy to prepare, simply bard and not fried topped with diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and guacamole.

You can lot more veggies and meat as per your choice and taste. My kids like these to be simple and creamy and no meat.

In our loaded nachos the base was of pita baked chips and not the tortilla chips. It is an easy recipe to prepare with variety of modifications.

Give it a try. You will never regret.


One of My Favorites: Okra

One thing that I can’t resist, one thing that I can’t ignore and one thing that I look upon to when it comes to food is Okra or Ladies’ finger. I know it’s not interesting for many. I know many don’t like it. I know it’s not something special or something for which you can be longing for. But for me it’s one thing or one vegetable that is my all time favorite.

From My Kitchen (Stir Fried Okra)

I can eat Okra all four days 24*7. It might sound crazy for some and even weird but this is how it is. The best part is that me, my husband and my kids, all four of us love eating okra.

Okra, also known as Bhindi in Hindi is a green vegetable full of macro and micronutrients. There are numerous health benefits of okra. It has a mild and distinct taste with slimy or sticky texture.

There are various ways of eating Okra and many different kinds of recipes are made with it. Some may like to eat it raw or some might cook it. Some may just stir fry them with turmeric and salt in mustard oil or some may add spices and make them flavourful.

My all time favorite is simple stir fried okra. It maintains the crispness of the vegetable and the color turns up really nice, dark green color. This recipe is made in very less amount of oil and still taste awesome.

Then what are you waiting for? If okra is your favorite or even if you like it a little bit, go grab a pound of okra and cook in any way you want to. Try some new recipe and enjoy this nutritious green vegetable.