A New Book and Memories

How do you feel when you get a new book or a notebook or a diary đź“” or a journal đź““? Do you have a habit of smelling a new book or a notebook? Yesterday, I took a new book that was gifted to my son on his birthday by one of our friends. I […]

Book Reading: Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud

Here goes the first paragraph of the book Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud. This is my first book to read by this author. I am still reading this book and penned down here to show you some glimpse of this book. IN what we may term “prescientific days” people were in no uncertainty about the […]

Book Review: Prem Ki Vedi (Altar of Love) by Munshi Premchand

Hello Everyone, Out of the 3 books that I short listed to read, I have finished reading one of them. It is Prem Ki Vedi by Munshi Premchand. Like any other book of Premchand, this is also a heart touching story where there are different characters in the plot. Title of Book: Prem Ki Vedi […]

Books On My Reading List

Hello Everyone, How is the lockdown treating you all? I hope all of you are doing good, staying at home, keeping yourselves and your family healthy and happy. Since libraries are still closed and I have read all the books that I brought from the library, I am planning to read few ebooks from my […]

A Budding Star

Hello everyone, today I am going to introduce you all to my elder son, Akshat who is 9 years old and a 3rd Grader. As he is always given 20 minutes reading time to read any fiction or non fiction books he is read many books till date. So today we just thought of why […]

Reading a New Book

In this pandemic situation, what options we have been left with than to remain at home and stop the spread of the new Coronavirus? I don’t know whether this situation is going to worsen or get better. I don’t know when everything will come to normal. Yet, I don’t think things are getting normal until […]