Okra: My Favorite Vegetable

Okra, ladies’ finger or bhindi (in Hindi) is my all time favorite vegetable. Today, when I was cutting this vegetable to prepare fried okra for breakfast, it reminded me of an old post of mine that I posted in 2019. I would just like to add that post here so that my new friends can […]

It’s Okay, I’m Fine.

We always here people saying, I’m okay when they are not. We also do the same when we aren’t willing to share our true feelings to others. I feel, we being human have various emotions that constantly change with time. We may be very energetic and excited in the morning and feel bored or clueless […]

200 Posts: Feeling Awesome

Hello All, I am so glad to inform you all that, yesterday with my Happy Father’s Day post, I have successfully written 200 posts till date and this one being the 201st post. Since October 2019, I have been writing on my blog http://www.penofhearts.com at least 4 posts per week. When I started blogging, I […]

Happy Father’s Day

I know, I am late today but I wished my dad “A Happy Father’s Day” yesterday. Since I am married I wished my Father in Law, the same. To all the awesome fathers out there, I am sorry I can’t discriminate, I wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day. Fathers do a lot for […]

Learning Never Ends

Learning is an ongoing process and we can learn at any age. For people who are the real learners, age is not an issue. Actually we learn everyday. Learning can be academic or non academic. It’s not important what we are learning, it’s important that we shouldn’t stop learning. So, I believe, learning should never […]

Art with lines

Hello All, I hope all of you are doing good and are in good health. Today, I am here with my art creativity. In one of my previous post, I shared my first art with lines and many of you liked it also. I really had fun drawing these pictures and these were easy to […]

Be A Human First

Ups and downs are parts of life. We know that change is the only constant. People learn to adapt and survive in the change. But I don’t know what is happening in the world this year. So many changes, negativity all around the globe. Starting with the Pandemic 2020 to the deaths of people all […]

Random Thoughts

Celebrate the differences within humans. Life is precious. Human Psychology is an Important Subject. Ways to be Happy should be taught to everyone.

Another Milestone Achieved: 500 Followers on WordPress

Hello My Wonderful Readers, I am so happy to tell you all that today my blog (www.penofhearts.com) has achieved another milestone. You all will be glad to know that my blog has more than 500 WordPress followers now. This was the message I received today in the morning. What a wonderful message to look at […]