A Happy New Month: August 2020

Hello All My Wonderful Readers,

Here comes a new month, August 2020. July 2020 is a history now and August is here with all new surprises for us in store.

We don’t know, how this month is going to be yet we can plan it so that we can utilize our time well. As I said, July 2020 is a history now, we should always learn from our past. So, I thought it is always a wise decision to look back, see our journey, and learn from our mistakes.

A Quick Peep Into July 2020

In totality, July 2020 was not as pathetic as June 2020. June 2020 was really horrible if speaking on personal level. If I consider my one month journey as a blogger, July 2020 was a well spent month with 33 posts and 3080 views, which is my highest views in a month till date.

In this month, I concentrated on my blog more than I ever did, posted my blog posts on Twitter and currently have 146 followers there. I feel it is a big achievement as this was just a result of one month dedication.

I also ready few books this month and opened my Goodreads account. I was surprised to find that I have already read 12 books this year.

I also challenged myself in writing by accepting various writing prompts like Saturday Six Word Story, Three Things Challenge, and WWW Wednesday. Though, I wasn’t consistent in these challenges but tried my level best. Click on them to know more and participate in the activity.

On personal level, the whole month was spent at home with family (thanks to COVID-19). I never had such a boring summer vacation ever in my lifetime. Kids stuck at home, they feel so bored and helpless. My husband and I played board games with them like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Monopoly, and read story books.

Planning For August 2020

I know, it is hard to plan things, yet we do plan, it keeps us motivated. I do not know what is there in the store for me yet I am looking forward with full positivity. I hope, this month will be fruitful in all aspects. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

1. Writing Posts for My Blog: This I always keep as first priority since I started blogging. I, however plan to write and post everyday but sometimes I miss it due other important works that I have. Anyhow, I am still looking forward to put at least 30 posts this month. I have also planned my blog posts for each day so that I know what I am going to write today or the next day. This will help me keep focused throughout the month.

2. Reading Books: I have taken a challenge on Goodreads to read 25 books this year. As I have already finished reading 12 books, I have still 13 books to read. So, I have decided to read 5 books this month and be consistent in posting for WWW Wednesday.

3. Kids and Their Studies: Schools are reopening from 12th August 2020 for new session so this month will be a very busy month. The school district here has planned for remote learning for the first 9 weeks. Let me tell you, this remote learning is not easy at all. It is really tough as you have to constantly monitor your child whether he/she is doing his/her work properly or not. New class teacher, new session, and may be new friends, its not that easy for kids too. But, we will try to be focused and complete the given assignment the same day. This helps in having relaxed weekends.

4. Kids and Their Fun Time: It has been 4 months since my kids have gone out and enjoyed their time with other children. I know they can not do this for at least this year. So, I am planning to take my sons with me for a walk in the evening for at least half an hour so that they can feel relaxed after their studies are over. Spending time in Nature, in the Sun and outside air important for children but this Pandemic has changed our lives drastically. In the evening or after 9:00 PM at night usually there are less people walking and roaming in my society, so this time would be perfect for my kids to ride a bike or just walk.

Since schools are reopening this month after session break, I am looking forward to having a scheduled life. Sleeping and waking up will be on time, and this on the whole will manage everything else. My sons will have their classes from 7:45 AM only so we have to wake up early. Once you wake up early, all works are managed so well.

I am still hoping that this month will be a better month full of positivity and hard work. I hope as a blogger I will grow more this month. I haven’t listed coloring and doodling for this month because I know I will not get time to color or doodle this month as kids will be having their remote learning.

Do you like planning? Have you planned this month? Do you plan your blog posts? What has been your experience with planning so far? Do let me know in the comment section.

I wish you all a very happy August 2020. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy



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