Consistency Is Important

What happens when we are consistent in doing a work? Like, we are writing everyday for at least 10 minutes, reading everyday for half an hour, drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday, sleeping for 7-8 hours everyday, and so on. Don’t you think, it will gradually become a habit? Yes, when we are consistently doing a set of work, the body gets used to it, and it becomes a habit. This is the power of consistency.

We have read this “Slow but steady wins the race”. That is, although a person being slow, if he is steady, works consistently, aims at his goals, wins the race. The race may be anything, his daily goals, examination, any competitive exams, etc.

What if the “slow” is not steady and consistent in his work? Will he still win the race? Absolutely, no. What if the “fast” is steady and consistent in his work? We can’t even imagine, what he can achieve in his life. Because he is blessed of being fast and he manages to be consistent. So, nothing can stop him.

I never thought of the second scenario in my life until my 5 years old taught me this unknowingly. One day, I was just retelling him the very famous story of the hare and the tortoise. Her teacher told this story in the class but he wasn’t satisfied with it. So, he wanted to hear the story again.

I told him the story that there was a race between a hare and a tortoise in the jungle one day and the tortoise came first because the hare was over confident about his win and he slept under a tree for sometime. The tortoise was consistently walking at his pace and managed to win because he worked hard for it without taking breaks in between.

But, my son wasn’t convinced with the story. He said, how the hare lost the race when he was faster than the tortoise. I explained him that this happened because the hare was overconfident and did not worked hard for the race. Since, the hare slept in the middle of the race, he lost the race. My explanation wasn’t enough for my child.

He said, “in my story, the hare will not sleep”. He said this without knowing the impact of his sentence. He wants a story where a hare and a tortoise goes for a race and the hare doesn’t sleep in the middle of the race. And now he asks me “who will win the race then, Mumma?” I never heard this version of the story. Till now I always thought that tortoise wins the race and never thought of the hare. I said to him, ” if the hare is consistent in his work, works hard throughout the race, definitely he is going to win the race.” This answer satisfied him and he said it again, “my hare will not sleep in the middle of any race”.

So, the fact is if we are consistent we can win any race irrespective of being slow or fast. There shouldn’t be any doubt that consistency is the key to success. If you want to be successful you need to be consistent in your work or rather in your life.

Hard work is Important Too. Suppose there are two students, one who is hard working, studies everyday, is consistent in his hard work. While there is another student who studies hard, works hard but is not consistent in his studies. What you think, who will be more successful in his studies? Obviously, the first student, right? This is because he was consistently working hard in his field.

Consistency is Important in Education. Hard work and consistency are equally important in education. You might have experienced this during your school and college times. If we do not study during our vacations, it becomes hard to get back to the routine and studies, when the school reopens. This is because we were not regular with our studies during our vacations. We studied some days and not all days. Thus, we weren’t consistent with our studies. The students who are consistent throughout the year excel in their studies.

Consistency is Important in Blogging Too. I have read many successful bloggers explaining the importance of consistency in blogging. They advice that bloggers new or established should be consistent in blogging and posting the blog posts. The bloggers that aren’t consistent in their writing and publishing their posts lose the interest among readers.

Be it any field or our daily work ad household chores, consistency is important. Consistency keeps us moving. It keeps us focused to our goals. Consistency makes us disciplined and determined.

Why Do We Lack Consistency?

It is normal to lack consistency in our work after sometime. But, why does it happen? It happens due to following reasons:

  1. Lack of Will Power
  2. Lack of Determination
  3. Lack of Discipline
  4. Lack of Focus in Life
  5. Lack of Interest
  6. Lack of Goal in Life

When we lack any of the above mentioned point, we are deemed to lack consistency in our work. Now that we know the power of consistency in any work, it is important for us to be consistent in our works.

What are your thoughts on consistency? Do you agree with me on this? Have I missed any point regarding consistency? Please let me know in the comment section. Your views and thoughts are always important to me.

17 thoughts on “Consistency Is Important

  1. Interesting that Lack of Will Power is number one on the list! I too would have listed that as number one, followed by discipline perhaps.

    By the way, kids are smart these days and I am happy that they are learning a lot more than what we learnt. The story of the hare and the tortoise will never be the same again πŸ™‚

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  2. I will try to be more consistent this time. I’ve been procrastinating these days. I have dreams, goals and aspiration, yet I am not seeing myself doing something to realize them.Thanks Doc Namrata for another beautiful post.

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    1. We all do the same dear. When I start writing what I need to do in a particular month I see I am not giving my 100%. This we need to stop.
      I am glad you liked my thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing yours. It’s always a pleasure your wonderful comments.

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