26 Daily Dose of Affirmations

How do you feel when someone motivates you to do the best? How do you feel when some pone encourages you? Don’t you feel good? All of us do. This is because the motivation and encouragement spread positivity within and around us.

Similarly, affirmations also spread positive. Affirmations are the positive quotes, statements, or sentences that keep us motivated. There are millions of positive words and statements that can help us keep strong and motivated but we tend to forget about these small things in day to day life.

We certainly need affirmations on a daily basis. How energetic we feel when a close friend of ours tells us a simple thing, “you can do it.” This four-word sentence is enough to boost us and motivate us in doing something. Thus, affirmations are powerful.

These affirmations remind us of what we can do, how strong we are, and how strong we can be. The daily dose of affirmations is like food to our mind and soul.

Today, I am sharing with you 26 daily dose of positive affirmations that can help us keep motivated even in difficult times. I have tried to do my best in using all the 26 letters of English alphabets in my daily dose of affirmations. It wasn’t that easy.

A for Accept Yourself

B for Believe in Yourself

C for Complement Yourself for Your Good Work

D for Do Your Best

E for Everything is Possible for You

F for Forgive Yourself for Your Mistakes

G for Generosity is Your Trait

H for Hug Yourself

I for Inspire Yourself

J for Just Be Yourself

K for Keep Up Your Good Work

L for Love Yourself

M for Make Yourself Happy

N for No One is Like You

O for Oblige Yourself

P for Pamper Yourself

Q for Quit Negativity

R for Respect Yourself

S for So Blessed are You

T for Today is Your Day

U for Understand Yourself

V for Value Your Life

W for Wisdom is Yours

X for XO to Yourself

Y for You Are Strong

Z for Zest Up Your Life

Which of the following is your favorite affirmation? My favorite one is “Accept Yourself”. I feel that acceptance is very important. I have a post on Acceptance. Please check it if you haven’t.

Affirmations play an important role in our lives and we should feed our mind and soul with some daily dose of affirmations. This is what I feel. From today onward, I will try to put at least one post every week with a daily dose of affirmations. I hope, this will help each one of us in getting some kind of motivation.

Please drop your views related to this topic and also let me know whether you liked this post or not. Your views are always appreciated. Thank you all for always being with me. Your support means a lot to me.


24 thoughts on “26 Daily Dose of Affirmations

  1. Affirmations are so important, it spurs us to do what we wouldn’t on our own due to lack of motivation. And I noticed that most of the affirmations ended with “yourself”. So I can say that it all starts with loving, believing, accepting yourself, as this gives us the platform to receive affirmations from others. Thank you for this post! It was really helpful

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