Book Review: Those Were The Days (The Moment Series #1)

Name of the Book: Those Were The Days

Author: Jenny Bravo

Pages: 43

Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1)


Don’t fall in love in high school.
Don’t fall in love with your best friend.
Don’t fall in love. At all.

When Claudia Lake’s sister Wendy moves back home, everything changes. The boy next door wants to be more than just friends. Her best friend nurses a broken heart with revenge. When it comes to love, Claudia has learned that it’s better to be safe than sorry… or has she?

Those Were the Days is a prequel to Jenny Bravo’s debut novel, These Are the Moments, that explores what it means to be in love in high school, the excitement and fear of a first love, and how to survive broken hearts.

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My Review

This is a sweet, simple, easy to read story where a girl named Claudia is hesitant of falling in love due to the situations happening around her. The whole story revolves around Claudia, Casey (her so called or may be boyfriend) and her elder sister Wendy.

It is a sweet, lovely, adorable, and teen love story where love is the most threatening part of life. Claudia’s decision to not fall in love at all was due to break ups she saw of her sister Wendy and her school friend Ann.

The story definitely took me to my school days where the main focus of some students was studies and scoring good marks while some had cute love stories budding up too. The school days are really the golden days of our lives.

Coming back to the story, Claudia’s relationship with her sister looks confusing at the beginning of the story but then the love between them evolves and Claudia turns to be a caring little sister.

At the end of the story, Claudia emerges as a strong character who at lasts finds that “to pretend” is not at all good in life. I also feel the same. Pretending to be happy when you are not, pretending to be okay when you are not, is not good at all. Showing our true selves to our loved ones is important so that they can help us solve our problems.

This cute story book has everything that should be in a teen love story such as love, break ups, care, friendships, etc. If you looking for a small, full of fun and happy ending, this book is for you. this book will refresh your mind, lighten your mood and make you feel good.

What do you think about this book? Do you want to give it a try? I am sure, you will love it too.

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  1. It has been long time I read a book . I read Udayar a Tamil Novel by Balakumaran it’s about King Rajaraja Cholan and how he built Brihadeeswarar temple. Nowadays i read fairy tales for my grand daughter 😁😁

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