Happy Shravan Maas 2020

From today, starts the most auspicious month in the Hindu calendar where we celebrate monsoon season.

Shravan = Sawan = Monsoon
Mass = Mahina = Month

Happy Monsoon to all of you…..

The God associated with this auspicious month is the Destroyer of evils, Lord Shiva, and her wife Goddess Parvati. This year Shravan Maas is starting from today i.e. 07/06/2020 which is a Monday. Monday in itself is considered a day devoted to Lord Shiva. So, today the day becomes very special for the devotees.

Why Shravan Is Considered A Holy Month?

As mentioned earlier, Shravan maas is considered the most sacred month in the Hindu religion. It is believed that performing prayers and rituals this month leads to salvation.

This month is also associated with Samudra Manthan ( churning of the Cosmic ocean). According to this story once, the Devas (Lords) and the Asuras (Devils) were churning the Cosmic ocean to obtain the Ksheer (the ocean milk or the nectar of immortality). During this process, halahal ( poison) also emerged from the ocean with the Ksheer milk. The halahal was extremely poisonous and could be dangerous for the lives of the earth. SO, Lord Shiva drank the whole halahal. The poison turned the Shiva’s whole body blue. His neck also turned blue and that’s why he is also known as the NeelKanth (the one with a blue throat).

What Special Is Done In This Month?

Every day of this month is auspicious, especially Mondays because Monday is Lord Shiva’s favorite day. Devotees offer water or cow milk to the Shivling and also keep a fast on every Monday. Since there are 5 Mondays in Sharavan Maas this year, devotees will keep a fast for 5 days, 1 day in a week.

Devotees Worship Lord Shiva along with her wife, Goddess Parvati. They visit Lord Shiva temple and perform their prayers. Many people also visit the Lord Shiva Dhams (sacred places) such as Badrinath, Kedarnath, Deoghar, etc for prayers.

Kedarnath Temple
Badrinath Temple

This month, many people do not eat non-vegetarian food. Many people also avoid eating onions and garlic.

In our religion, there is no compulsion or hard and fast rule to which we have to abide by. So, every person is free to do his/her puja and perform his rituals in the way he wants. If a person just wants to offer water to Lord Shiva, he/she can do that and continue his daily chores. If a person wants to keep fast on only two Monday (first and last), he/she is free to do that. Thus, it all depends on the devotee, how he/she wants to make the Lord Shiva happy.

What Are Some Important Days In This Month?

July 6thFirst Monday (Somvar) and First day of Shravan maas
July 13thSecond Monday
July 20thThird Monday
July 27thFourth Monday
August 3rdFifth Monday and Last Day of Shravan maas

The last day of Sharavan Maas is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan which is yet another Hindu festival to celebrate the bond of brother and sister.

What I Do In This Month?

Shravan month is a special month for married Hindu women. Unmarried ladies also do their puja and fast but for married women, the rituals change a little bit. Married women wear green bangles and apply mehndi on their hands. They also wear green clothes.

Before marriage, I just used to keep my fast and visit the Lord Shiva temple. After marriage, I and my husband, both keep our fasts. We visit the temple either in the morning or in the evening, do our puja, and come home. On the first day of Shravan, I usually wear new green bangles (we can wear old bangles too) and try to wear green clothes.

This year, due to Pandemic we are not visiting temples at all. We are just doing our puja at home and keeping fast.

So, this month is all about worshiping Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati, celebrating the bond of a married couple, and asking for their blessings on us and our family. May Lord Shiva bless us all.


11 thoughts on “Happy Shravan Maas 2020

  1. I have many friends in India and here in the states who honor this day. Thank you for sharing this explanation. Its a beautiful way to honor beliefs and allow for ways followers can make the honor specific to them.

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