Not So Lovely Love Story

There was a boy and a girl, who met each other for marriage proposal. Both were from different cities and met in a different city. They did not meet alone, but their parents brought them together. This is how arrange marriages in India take place. Hold on, they have just met for the first time.

Let us name the boy as Rahul and the girl as Reena. So, when asked whether Rahul and Reena liked each other on their first meet, they both said “yes”. That means they liked each other. Families further talked about fixing dates for their marriage.

So, till now, the story looks pretty simple and cute. Let us see what happens next. The numbers were exchanged and Rahul and Reena started conversing on phone. Isn’t it normal these day? And good too, because by talking they would know each other better. Their parents were super excited and fixed a date for the marriage.

Their marriage was scheduled almost after a year. The couple was ready to enjoy their courtship. Seriously speaking, the period between engagement and marriage is the best phase of life. Both were happy and satisfied with each other. Days and months passed by and the bond between them grew stronger. They talked on phone for hours, shared pictures, and messages.

Marriage date came closer. In Hindu marriage ceremonies, there are many rituals that are performed before the actual marriage where the bride’s family comes to meet the groom’s family for Tilak ceremony. This ceremony is very special and takes place on a grand scale. So, at both the ends, the families were preparing for Tilak and Marriage functions. The groom got all his dresses stitched for the big day.

In the meantime, just before 2 days of the Tilak ceremony, Reena calls Rahul to do his shopping from her city. Excited Rahul agrees to meet Reena in a hotel. When he arrived in the hotel room, he was shocked, and angry to find Reena sitting with another guy. He asked Reena about the new guy. She informed that this guy was her boyfriend. Rahul was shocked to hear this because everything between them was normal till date and he truly loved Reena,

Reena told him that she is madly in love with this guy and cannot leave him. Her family was not ready for their marriage so she was going to marry Rahul under pressure. She also told him, if he can by nay means take all blames on himself and call off the marriage, it would be a great help for her and that guy.

Since Rahul was not guilty, he refused to agree on this. Reena and that guy forcefully snatched Rahul’s phone and kept him under captivity for three long days.

Now, let see what was happening at their homes. Rahul’s parents and relatives started looking for him as Tilak ceremony was on the next day. There was chaos all over. The groom was missing and the whole house was full of relatives. Nobody had any clue as to what was happening.

At Reena’s house, she was back home and pretended to be normal. She informed her mother that Rahul’s cell phone was off and she wasn’t able to know where he was. So, her mother called Rahul’s mother to know what was happening there. Rahul’s parent informed Reena’s parent that the groom was missing since two days and they need to call off the wedding.

Reena’s parents blamed Rahul for being flicker minded and a fraud and called off the marriage. Rahul’s parents couldn’t say anything and were worried about their son.

Rahul came back home after three days. Their parents were relaxed and happy to see him. Rahul looked normal to them so they did not ask any questions to him. Next day, Rahul informed everything as to how Reena cheat him. He told his parents that Reena was a fraud and in love with another guy. Everyone was shocked to hear this but at the and they were relaxed to have Rahul back home.

Present Scenario: Rahul is happily married to Shalu and a father of a cute daughter. I don’t have any update about Reena.

Moral of the Story: Not always a guy is wrong and a girl is right. Anyone can be trapped and harmed both mentally and physically. Every story is different and every individual is different. It is high time we stop being judgmental.

PC: Photo by June on

Note: This is a real story and the names are changed to maintain the privacy.

What do you want to say about the story? Can you give a title to this story? Please give me your valuable feedback in the comment section. Your thoughts are always welcomed. Thank you for reading. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello All,

Yippeee!! again an award nomination. I am so glad to share with all of you that I have been again nominated for “Sunshine Blogger Award”. This award is special to me because my first blogger award was also “Sunshine Blogger Award”.

Here are the Rules of the award:

• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
• List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

Not just because it is the rule no. 1 to thank the person who nominated me for this award, but I sincerely want to thank Ranjini Madhavan for this nomination. I am glad, I found her on WordPress, visited her blog and followed her. We are not just fellow bloggers now, we have turned into friends who share their feelings through commenting on each others blog posts.

I am also happy to share her blog with you all, Her blog is special. Her blog is full of detailed explanation of her temple visits all across India. When I say her blog is special, I truly mean it because what she delivers through her blog, I don’t do and I haven’t seen many of us doing. She is trying to keep the heritage and Indian culture alive in her small way, indeed through her blog posts. Please do visit her blog for more details and you will know that I was not exaggerating.

Questions and Answers

Why do you blog?
I blog because I like sharing my opinion and thoughts with others. I have always been outspoken and shy at the same time. By this I mean that, when I am close to someone I share almost every thing with her or him and if I don’t know you, I am just a stranger to you. When it comes to sharing my thoughts, I have my opinions on various things and I like to share them with others. So, blogging didn’t come to me by chance, but I planned it, and researched about it. Thus, here I am.

What makes a book good?
A good book is a book that has amazing and thoughtful content in it that is well written and well explained. If it is a non-fiction book like an educational book, it should be error free and explanatory. It should have all the information regarding that subject appropriate for that level. If the book is a fiction book, then it should have a strong story line and it should be interesting to the reader.

Whatever your blog is about, when and why did you get interested in that topic?
When I started to blog, my main motto was to educate people into biological science because I thought that this was what I can write about and it is what I am good at. Then after blogging for few months, I tried writing in different genre and found that I can write my thoughts well too. So, I started writing on inspirational messages and motivation. I also have a bad habit of exploring too many things at a time so you will find some posts on coloring, doodling, zentangles, etc too. I also read books and recently completed 12th book this year, so I also review books in my blog.

If you had to choose one of the blog posts you’re nominating that is your single favorite.
It’s really hard to do this, but since you are asking I would like to list one: What is a Home? What is a house? This is my all time favorite blog post and close to my heart.

What “genre(s)” of your niche do you like best? For example, for a cooking blog — desserts, meat, soups, etc. or for a writing blog (this one’s kind of obvious) — fantasy, short stories, horror, poetry, etc.
Since, I don’t do niche blogging, I am free to choose any genre and that is what I like the best about blogging. So, I can’t choose one genre, I like to write about many things. I am comfortable in writing about biological science because that is my career and my passion but I also like to write about me personal thoughts and hobbies that might interest and inspire others.

Where do you get inspiration for your hobbies/interests/talents?
These day WordPress is my only source of inspiration. My interest in reading other bloggers post has increased a lot and I like reading blog posts and commenting. As far as hobbies are concerned, I have too many of them. I have a zeal to learn many things and explore many things. I feel one life is not enough to learn every thing.

Besides whatever your blog is about, what is your hobby/interest/talent?
Besides blogging, I like to read books (English and Hindi), playing Farmville, and eating my husband’s head (joking!!). What interests me, is everything on my blog. I am what my blog is.

Which of your posts has been the most popular? Reflect on this… why, do you think? Do you agree, or are you annoyed by it? Is it really your best work or is it just what seems like would appeal to readers (in your opinion)?
I never took so close look on any particular post of mine so I won’t be able to answer this. Why any blog post reaches popularity is not always related to whether the post was interesting, well written or not. I think the popularity to blog post is due to how many people reached to that post. I may be wrong though, I don’t know.

What motivates you in life? (This is a broad question – answer however you interpret it)
I generally get motivated by someone’s journey through life. It can be anyone. My parents, my friends, my in laws, my husband all motivate me at some point or the other in my life. I feel I am not what I am alone, I am what my parents and my family helped me to be. I owe my life to them.

Is this the first time you’ve gotten one of these awards?
No, this is not the first blogger award that I got but this is certainly the second Sunshine Blogger Award that I received.

Do you ever feel nervous before publishing a blog post?
Yes, I do. I have also experienced that the more nervous I am the more positive response I get from you all.

My nominees for This Award are

As in my previous nominations for blogger awards I experienced that many bloggers do not turn up for the awards (which is absolutely fine) and all my efforts in getting their links and pasting in my post get wasted so I have stopped nominating anyone for Blogger Awards now. Those who seriously want to answer such amazing questions please do comment in below, I will nominate them all.

For my nominations, the questions will remain the same.

Thank you so much for hanging up with me for so long. I will meet you all lovely people in my next blog post. Till then, stay safe and live well.


Motivational Monday

How about starting your week with motivating and inspiring quote? Isn’t it a great idea?

Monday generally tends to be boring as we have to go back to our schedule. While for some Monday is really exciting. It all depends on how we see things. Since the week begins with Monday we usually want to begin the week with positivity and determination.

Motivational quotes help a lot in bringing out the best of us. Don’t you agree on this? So, today I am going to share a very interesting and motivating quote that I just found. I couldn’t think twice before choosing it for today’s post.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

An English Proverb

If you are aware of the life cycle of a butterfly 🦋 then you must understand the impact of the proverb. Anyways, let me explain you. Butterfly has a very interesting life cycle.

Life cycle of a Butterfly:

Egg is the first step of the life cycle of a butterfly that hatches into a larvae known as a caterpillar. Caterpillar is super hungry and keeps feeding on various thing to just grow and become fat. Once it’s all grown up, it attaches to a leaf and curls up to form a cocoon into which the pupa resides. After sometime the cocoon opens up and a beautiful butterfly comes out of the cocoon.

We see that each and every step starting from the egg to the butterfly, is very important in the life cycle of the butterfly. None of the steps can be missed and play their important role in the formation of the butterfly.

If you see with curiosity, you will find that the larval stage of the butterfly when it was a caterpillar was the adverse phase of its life when it had to continuous look for food and keep eating and growing. In the pupal stage, inside the cocoon, the pupa rests. This is the most relaxing days in the life of a butterfly. In this stage only the transformation of a pupa into a butterfly takes place. Such changes in biology is called metamorphosis.

There is a very nice video on the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It is called “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. I came across this animated film when my 5 years old son got this video as a lesson to be done during remote learning. The link of the video is here. If you have children at home, please show them this video. They will never forget the life cycle of a butterfly.

What the Proverb Tells Us?

This proverb tries to tell us that you never know when the good days will come. You might think that this is the end of the life and then it completely turns around to be the best days if your life.

Never lose hope. You never know when are your prayers accepted. You never know when will the ugly days are going to convert into beautiful days. Just like the creepy caterpillar converted into a gorgeous butterfly that can fly. A caterpillar never knows that it will convert into a butterfly when the right time will come. It never knows that it will have wings and would be able to fly high up in the sky. Similarly we aren’t aware of the future. We don’t know what is going to happen with us in the future. Thus we should just use our present to make a beautiful tomorrow.

Perseverance is important. When we have bad days, we often end up losing hope and we start complaining and blaming. On the other hand, in bad days when things aren’t in our favor, we shouldn’t give up. We should still have the hope that everything will turn for good. We should use that time to help us grow strong.

Change is for Good. We should always remember that change is the only constant in nature. In case of the conversion of a caterpillar to a butterfly, the change happened for the betterment of the caterpillar. We should also have trust in the change.

Leave the comfort zone. Hadn’t a pupa came out of its comfortable cocoon it would have never turned into a butterfly. Who doesn’t want to live and work in their comfort zone? Think, what happens when we leave our comfort zone. Transformation occurs. Once we leave our comfort zone and try to do something else with full confidence and hard work, transformation occurs within us. The sleepy and relaxing pupa within us metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly.

PC: Pexel


1. We never know what’s for us in the future.

2. We should have trust in this change.

3. We should trust ourselves even in our hardest and most difficult times.

4. We should be ready to leave our comfort zone and try something new in life.

5. We should never quit, we never know when things change.

Be a caterpillar 🐛 that is ready to transform into a butterfly 🦋.

What are your inputs on this proverb? When have you left your comfort zone to try something new? What do you learn from the caterpillar?

Happy Sunday

Hello All,

Not so special about this day, yet special day since it’s a Sunday. I wish you all a very happy Sunday and a marvellous Monday in advance.

Enjoy your Sunday with your family at home, have yummy food and relax for the day because Monday is standing at the door with plans for the week.

Here is how my Sunday is going to be. My little attempt to make an Acrostic poem out of Sunday. I hope you will like it.

S = Super relaxing

U = Unplanned

N = Not to worry

D = Day celebrated with

A = All family members enjoying

Y = Yummy homemade food

What’s your feelings for this awesome day? What you do on your Sundays? Feel free to share your views. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Enjoy your day.

Namrata 😊

Consistency Is Important

What happens when we are consistent in doing a work? Like, we are writing everyday for at least 10 minutes, reading everyday for half an hour, drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday, sleeping for 7-8 hours everyday, and so on. Don’t you think, it will gradually become a habit? Yes, when we are consistently doing a set of work, the body gets used to it, and it becomes a habit. This is the power of consistency.

We have read this “Slow but steady wins the race”. That is, although a person being slow, if he is steady, works consistently, aims at his goals, wins the race. The race may be anything, his daily goals, examination, any competitive exams, etc.

What if the “slow” is not steady and consistent in his work? Will he still win the race? Absolutely, no. What if the “fast” is steady and consistent in his work? We can’t even imagine, what he can achieve in his life. Because he is blessed of being fast and he manages to be consistent. So, nothing can stop him.

I never thought of the second scenario in my life until my 5 years old taught me this unknowingly. One day, I was just retelling him the very famous story of the hare and the tortoise. Her teacher told this story in the class but he wasn’t satisfied with it. So, he wanted to hear the story again.

I told him the story that there was a race between a hare and a tortoise in the jungle one day and the tortoise came first because the hare was over confident about his win and he slept under a tree for sometime. The tortoise was consistently walking at his pace and managed to win because he worked hard for it without taking breaks in between.

But, my son wasn’t convinced with the story. He said, how the hare lost the race when he was faster than the tortoise. I explained him that this happened because the hare was overconfident and did not worked hard for the race. Since, the hare slept in the middle of the race, he lost the race. My explanation wasn’t enough for my child.

He said, “in my story, the hare will not sleep”. He said this without knowing the impact of his sentence. He wants a story where a hare and a tortoise goes for a race and the hare doesn’t sleep in the middle of the race. And now he asks me “who will win the race then, Mumma?” I never heard this version of the story. Till now I always thought that tortoise wins the race and never thought of the hare. I said to him, ” if the hare is consistent in his work, works hard throughout the race, definitely he is going to win the race.” This answer satisfied him and he said it again, “my hare will not sleep in the middle of any race”.

So, the fact is if we are consistent we can win any race irrespective of being slow or fast. There shouldn’t be any doubt that consistency is the key to success. If you want to be successful you need to be consistent in your work or rather in your life.

Hard work is Important Too. Suppose there are two students, one who is hard working, studies everyday, is consistent in his hard work. While there is another student who studies hard, works hard but is not consistent in his studies. What you think, who will be more successful in his studies? Obviously, the first student, right? This is because he was consistently working hard in his field.

Consistency is Important in Education. Hard work and consistency are equally important in education. You might have experienced this during your school and college times. If we do not study during our vacations, it becomes hard to get back to the routine and studies, when the school reopens. This is because we were not regular with our studies during our vacations. We studied some days and not all days. Thus, we weren’t consistent with our studies. The students who are consistent throughout the year excel in their studies.

Consistency is Important in Blogging Too. I have read many successful bloggers explaining the importance of consistency in blogging. They advice that bloggers new or established should be consistent in blogging and posting the blog posts. The bloggers that aren’t consistent in their writing and publishing their posts lose the interest among readers.

Be it any field or our daily work ad household chores, consistency is important. Consistency keeps us moving. It keeps us focused to our goals. Consistency makes us disciplined and determined.

Why Do We Lack Consistency?

It is normal to lack consistency in our work after sometime. But, why does it happen? It happens due to following reasons:

  1. Lack of Will Power
  2. Lack of Determination
  3. Lack of Discipline
  4. Lack of Focus in Life
  5. Lack of Interest
  6. Lack of Goal in Life

When we lack any of the above mentioned point, we are deemed to lack consistency in our work. Now that we know the power of consistency in any work, it is important for us to be consistent in our works.

What are your thoughts on consistency? Do you agree with me on this? Have I missed any point regarding consistency? Please let me know in the comment section. Your views and thoughts are always important to me.

Book Review: Bad to the Bone (DOWN GIRL AND SIT #3)

Name of the Book: Bad To The Bone

Series: Down Girl and Sit #2

Name of the Author: Lucy Nolan

Name of the Illustrator: Mike Reed

No. of Pages: 66

Genre: Children’s Book

Bad to the Bone (Down Girl and Sit series)

Summary from Goodread

Down Girl, a dog, protects her home from Here Kitty Kitty, the enemy feline next door, and attempts to train his master to understand canine ways.

My Review

Are you an animal lover? Do you love dogs? Do you have a pet animal? If your answer is YES, the this book is for you. In the book, the author takes the perspective of the pet animals and writes the story from a pet’s point of you. Everything written in this book happens as the pet wants.

The book is an easy read. The story is funny and humorous. If you like reading books that relaxes your mind then give it a read. So, let’s come to the story. Down Girl, Sit, and Here Kitty Kitty are three pet animals and yes these are the names of the animals. Now, you mush be thinking why they are named so? They aren’t named so by their masters but these animals think that these are their names. As I told you earlier, every thing is happens in this book from the animal’s perspective so are the names.

There are mainly two pet dogs in the story who think their names are Down Girl and Sit respectively. They have their masters that live in separate houses, obviously!! Both the dogs hate squirrels and cats. Here Kitty Kitty is a cat that both the dogs don’t like at all.

This book is divided into 4 chapters and all the chapters are based on the events that happen in the story. The story wants to tell us that dogs need their master’s attention and they hate squirrels and cats. Dogs can do anything to get their master’s attention and can even be as bad as “bad to the bones”. Thus, the book is named so.

The author has done full justice to the story. This is my first book where I am reading a story from an animal’s perspective. My 9 years old son has already read this book and he suggested me to read this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and laughed often while reading the book.

It is a perfect read for 7-9 years old children. The language is simple and understandable. The illustrator has also done a remarkable job and put some funny pictures int he book that helps kids to understand and visualize he story as well. This is the second book of the series Down Girl and Sit. I and my son are looking forward to reading the first and the third part of this series too. This book is a perfect gift for kids below 10 years of age. It is available on Kindle unlimited too.

My Personal Thoughts

I feel that when we are stressed or looking for a change we must read a children’s book or a comic. They really help in relaxing and deviates the mind from daily chores. I often go for an easy read sometimes just to change my mood and lighten up my mind. I also recommend reading books to your kids or allow them to read the books if they are old enough to read.

Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? Please message in the comment section. Also, read this book if you find my review well explanatory. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Hello All,

Being encouraged by wonderful comments of yours on my first attempt of “Saturday Six Word Story Prompt”, I am here again with my second attempt. “Saturday Six Word Story Prompt” is hosted my Shweta Suresh at My Random Ramblings. You can know more about this story prompt here.

Prompt for Week #47 (Jul 18, 2020 – Jul 25, 2020)


My six word stories are as follows:

1. Time once gone, never comes back.

2. Those who value time, value work.

3. Time is priceless, shouldn’t be wasted.

4. This is right time, do it.

5. Time and respect can’t be bought.

6. Value time, value life, value yourself.

7. This shall pass too with time.

8. Time is a healer, have patience.

9. Time well spent is well earned.

This was all that I could think of. These six word stories are really interesting. I am liking it. Please let me know, what do you think about these stories? Did you like it? What else can you think of with time? Please comment down and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. Wish you all a very happy Thursday.


7 Updates Related to COVID-19 That You Must Know

It has been more than five months that the novel noronavirus invaded our lives starting from China and spreading worldwide. All the chaos, and panic related to the Pandemic 2020 are decreasing day by day. We are a quick learner and now we have learned to live with the virus. We no more panic by any news of COVID-19 the television nor we get scared by seeing the rising numbers of the COVID-19 cases. We are now used to the Pandemic 2020.

Still, it is important to know about the Pandemic and keep our knowledge updated. Scientists and health professionals are doing their best in understanding the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and finding some effective result to cure this disease. So, it is still important for us to get the updates of what is happening in the scientific world to at least slow down the progression of COVID-19.

Here are a few updates that we should know about the COVID-19 or the Pandemic 2020. To make sure that all the information provided here is true to the best of my knowledge, I have used only government official websites and reputed news websites to collect information. Any discrepancies found in any form is not related to this post and the blog.

  1. COVID-19 Cases Still Rising
  2. Masks are Still Important
  3. Social Distancing Still Required
  4. Airborne or Droplet Infection?
  5. Vaccines under Development
  6. Medical Masks Do not Cause Intoxication
  7. Recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 Cases Still Rising:

Despite, all the preventive measures like social distancing and the use of masks, the COVID-19 cases are still rising in various parts of the world. We have seen in the earlier days of the Pandemic that lockdown or shelter at home helped to slow down the spread. Many countries have also gone for a second round of lockdown due to a sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 after reopening. Lockdown is important but can’t be continued for a very long time. So, as soon as the lockdown is removed, people start to roam, meet, and greet freely, and again the numbers rise. Visit the link provided to know all the data related to COVID-19.

Masks are Still Important:

Masks were important at the beginning of the Pandemic and masks are still important after five months. Masks prevent the spread of the diseases especially when someone is asymptomatic. I have also posted three articles related to this issue on my blog earlier. Please click on the links provided if you haven’t checked them or if you want more information regarding this topic.

  1. Who Should Wear What Kind of Mask?
  2. Use of Cloth Mask or Fabric Mask
  3. Why is it Important to Wear a Cloth Mask?

The video linked below shows how to use a mask. It is important to know so please visit the ink below.


Social Distancing Still Required:

Social distancing is equally important as masks are. Social distancing and use of masks can help prevent the spread of the disease. I know, that man is a social animal but this is the need of the hour. We need to follow this. We need to avoid gatherings, meeting people, going to someone’s place, parties, etc. I know, it’s been more than 5 months now but this is how we can save ourselves. Remember: Prevention is better than cure.

Social distancing is also referred as physical distancing. The minimum distance to be maintained during social distancing is at least 6 feet between people when outdoors.

The video below helps in better understanding the concept of social distancing. Please watch the video too.

Airborne or Droplet Infection?

Till now, it had been speculated that the new coronavirus is a droplet infection. WHO and other health officials around the world were determined that COVID-19 infection spreads by cough droplets and sneeze. The concept of the new coronavirus being airborne was totally negated. This was the reason why masks were not given more importance in the earlier days of Pandemic.

Recently, WHO has acknowledged the fact that the COVID-19 infection can be spread through particles suspended in the air and the infection can be airborne. For more detail, read the news here.

Vaccines under Development:

Scientists all around the world are trying their best to come up with some concrete solutions for this Pandemic. According to the news published in The New York Times, updated on July 21, 2020, “Researchers around the world are developing more than 165 vaccines against the coronavirus, and 26 vaccines are in human trials. Vaccines typically require years of research and testing before reaching the clinic, but scientists are racing to produce a safe and effective vaccine by next year.”

The role of vaccines in controlling and preventing diseases can’t be questioned. Today, if a vaccine would have been there to stop the virus, the flu would not have been a Pandemic. SO, vaccines are the only solution to this problem and we must pray that the researchers come up with a vaccine as soon as possible.

According to The New York Times, “The Chinese company CanSino Biologics developed a vaccine based on an adenovirus called Ad5, in partnership with the Institute of Biology at the country’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences. In May, they published promising results from a Phase I safety trial, and in July they reported that their Phase II trials demonstrated the vaccine produced a strong immune response.”

According to The Times of India report updated on July 20, 2020, “30 different Indian companies are trying to produce a vaccine to fight the infection, out of which WHO has given approvals to seven vaccine candidates, which are in different stages of testing and clinical studies now.”

Medical Masks Do Not Cause Intoxication:

Till now, we are aware that there are three types of masks: fabric masks, N95 masks, and medical masks. Fabric masks do well in preventing the spread of the disease. Medical masks can also be used if you don’t want to use a fabric mask. Prolonged use of any kind of mask is uncomfortable as we aren’t used to the masks but none of the masks cause intoxication. Medical masks are safe to be used for COVID-19 prevention but it shouldn’t be reused and trashed after use. Medical masks do not lead to carbon dioxide intoxication but it can be uncomfortable for sure.

mythbuster masks

Recovery from COVID-19:

There have been reports in the television that people do recover after COVID-19 infection. No all infected individuals have severe symptoms of COVID-19 and so, do not require medical care or hospitalization. Most people have mild to moderate flu like symptoms and can be cured at home by taking proper rest. Scientists are still working on the diseases, figures, and tracking the infection. There is no proper recovery rate available till date.

ENG-Mythbusting-nCoV (80)

Internet and television are flooded with the news of COVID-19 these days. Fortunately, the memes on the pandemic has reduced which is a good sign. I find the memes very irritating because the whole meaning is lost in a meme and a serious topic also becomes a joke. Whatever information I have shared here are verified and well explained to the best of my knowledge. Please click on the links provided for further details.

I hope, this effort of me in putting down the updates at one place might have helped you in getting the information easily. All the best to the researchers who are working on the vaccines. I also show my respect and gratitude to the health professionals who are working day and night and all other workers who are still going out and working so that we can be safe at home.

26 Daily Dose of Affirmations

How do you feel when someone motivates you to do the best? How do you feel when some pone encourages you? Don’t you feel good? All of us do. This is because the motivation and encouragement spread positivity within and around us.

Similarly, affirmations also spread positive. Affirmations are the positive quotes, statements, or sentences that keep us motivated. There are millions of positive words and statements that can help us keep strong and motivated but we tend to forget about these small things in day to day life.

We certainly need affirmations on a daily basis. How energetic we feel when a close friend of ours tells us a simple thing, “you can do it.” This four-word sentence is enough to boost us and motivate us in doing something. Thus, affirmations are powerful.

These affirmations remind us of what we can do, how strong we are, and how strong we can be. The daily dose of affirmations is like food to our mind and soul.

Today, I am sharing with you 26 daily dose of positive affirmations that can help us keep motivated even in difficult times. I have tried to do my best in using all the 26 letters of English alphabets in my daily dose of affirmations. It wasn’t that easy.

A for Accept Yourself

B for Believe in Yourself

C for Complement Yourself for Your Good Work

D for Do Your Best

E for Everything is Possible for You

F for Forgive Yourself for Your Mistakes

G for Generosity is Your Trait

H for Hug Yourself

I for Inspire Yourself

J for Just Be Yourself

K for Keep Up Your Good Work

L for Love Yourself

M for Make Yourself Happy

N for No One is Like You

O for Oblige Yourself

P for Pamper Yourself

Q for Quit Negativity

R for Respect Yourself

S for So Blessed are You

T for Today is Your Day

U for Understand Yourself

V for Value Your Life

W for Wisdom is Yours

X for XO to Yourself

Y for You Are Strong

Z for Zest Up Your Life

Which of the following is your favorite affirmation? My favorite one is “Accept Yourself”. I feel that acceptance is very important. I have a post on Acceptance. Please check it if you haven’t.

Affirmations play an important role in our lives and we should feed our mind and soul with some daily dose of affirmations. This is what I feel. From today onward, I will try to put at least one post every week with a daily dose of affirmations. I hope, this will help each one of us in getting some kind of motivation.

Please drop your views related to this topic and also let me know whether you liked this post or not. Your views are always appreciated. Thank you all for always being with me. Your support means a lot to me.


Motivational Monday

Hi All,

Wish you all a very happy Monday. Let’s start this day with a motivation. Let’s celebrate Motivational Monday.

The motivation for today is to stop worrying about the future and things that we cannot control. Let’s concentrate on the present. Enjoy our present. Live in the present. Learn from the past.

Worrying is just a waste of time. We keep worrying about our future which we aren’t aware of. We don’t know what is going to happen and we keep worrying about it. Worrying never solves a problem yet it creates other physical and mental illness.

People who worry a lot, forget about enjoying the present. This often happens with me. Sometimes I get so much worried about the future that I forget about my beautiful present.

Future is and will never be in our control. We must learn to live in the present. This is the key to happiness.

So, let’s live, learn and grow in the present. Present is what we have now. With this motivational quote I would like to start my week.

Thank you,