The Biggest Gift Ever: Freedom (Lockdown Thoughts)

One of my first Lockdown Thoughts, that I think I forgot to publish. Today, when I was scrolling through my draft posts, I came across this post. The Biggest Gift Ever: Freedom. I wrote this post on April, 12 2020 but somehow forgot to post.

I know that the lockdown has been removed and now we have accepted the Pandemic, this post might not seem that meaningful. Still I am sharing this with you all to know whether you all also agree with me on this or not.

We, the humans might differ today in many things such as social status, bank balance, health conditions, emotions, etc but one thing that we have in common is that we are lacking FREEDOM.

Rich or poor, thin or obese, young or old, male or female, healthy or unhealthy what we don’t have right now is FREEDOM.

We do not have the FREEDOM to go outside.

We do not have the FREEDOM to meet people.

We do not have the FREEDOM to live our lives carefree.

We are locked. We are locked with everything accessible inside our house. We are like the animals in the zoo that have food to eat, water to drink and space to move but are caged. We are caged with limited access to move out.

So, if we still do not understand what is the best gift ever a person can have, we will never. This pandemic though driving us crazy everyday has taught at least one lesson. We are blessed when we have freedom.

FREEDOM to go out. FREEDOM to meet people. FREEDOM to work. FREEDOM to make decisions. FREEDOM to do whatever we like to do in our lives.

But FREEDOM comes with great responsibilities. FREEDOM should not be exploited.

Let me know in the comment section whether my thoughts are relatable or not. Your comments and thoughts means a lot to me. So, please do comment and forgive me for not posting this post on the right time.


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