Acceptance: It’s Important

How many times do you feel that it’s hard to accept the reality of life? How many times do you feel that acceptance is the most important thing in life?

Yes, the more we accept the things the way they are, it is easy for us to lead our lives. Acceptance is important. We should accept the way we are. We have flaws, fine, no problem, this is the way we are. Let’s acccept is.

To err is human and we are humans. We make mistakes but it’s important to learn from the mistakes. It’s important to accept that we have made a mistake and then try to fix it or mend it in all possible ways.

The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.

Ralph Marston

If I talk about myself, I am not in accepting the random changes that take place in my life. I am a person who like peace and stability in life. I don’t like a life full of randomness and surprises. I like simple, easy going, relieved kind of life. But life is not about what we like. Life is all about what life wants from us.

So, I am not always ready to accept the surprises that life throws on me and thus I feel sad many times. It takes time for me to accept the changes, but I do accept the changes because I don’t have any other go. Sometimes I feel that I waste a lot of my time, days and energy in consoling myself to accept the changes, which is not at all good. The sooner we accept, the better.

I have seen that people who accept the way they are, who accept the reality of the world, who accept the way life is, they are happier and more hopeful.

Acceptance is no where related to liking or disliking. It’s about accepting the people the way they are. Sometimes we have differences with our parents, our in laws, our kids and even our partners. Once we understand that the other person is different from us, and there is no choice but to live with that person because we love that person, we tend to accept that person, the way he/she is.

The hardest thing to accept is the loss of someone very close to us. We know that the person is not going to return to us by any means but our minds and hearts are not willing to accept this truth.

Acceptance is not only of life, and self. Acceptance is also of emotions, experiences and even people.

Accept the way you are.

Accept the way I am.

Accept the way life is full of ups and downs.

Accept the unexpected, you never know what future brings us.

Let’s learn to accept. Let’s bring acceptance in our lives. Let’s practice acceptance in day to day life.

What do you think we can do to bring acceptance in our lives? Do you agree with me that acceptance is important? Please let me know in the comment section. Your thoughts are always welcomed.

Stay happy and stay fit.


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