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How do you feel when you get a new book or a notebook or a diary πŸ“” or a journal πŸ““? Do you have a habit of smelling a new book or a notebook?

Yesterday, I took a new book that was gifted to my son on his birthday by one of our friends. I began to flip the pages and smelled the pages too. Wow, such a nostalgic feeling. It took me down the memory lane, during my school days when we used to get new textbooks and notebooks every year. Those days were really the best days of my life.

Sniffing through the pages of a new textbook always felt like heaven. Today, I felt the same, had the same feeling. So, I thought of sharing this wonderful feeling with you all.

Now moving on to the New Book. This new book is a story book that contains 365 bedtime stories. Some stories are really short and quick read while others are long stories.

Name of the Book: 365 Bedtime Stories

Publisher: OM Kids β€œAn Imprint of Om Books International, 2014”

The most interesting thing about this book is that you can derive morals from each story. So the stories teach the kids new thing and since the stories are short, you can read one story at night to your kids.

All kids are fond of stories of angels, monsters, fairies, dinosaur, etc. My kids like to read stories that are related to animals and plants. The favorite story of my kids is β€œWho Has The Longest Tail?”. This story is about the animals living in the jungle that decided to have a competition of the longest tail. They decided that the one animal who has the longest tail will be declared as the King Of The Jungle?

Can you guess, who was declared as the King Of The Jungle? Do you also like reading short stories and short story books? I do like reading children story books just for a change and it’s really fun to read children books.

Happy Reading πŸ“–.

Disclaimer: All rights are reserved by the publisher of this book. This post is just meant for sharing my personal thoughts regarding this book. No intention are made to violate copyright laws.

17 thoughts on “A New Book and Memories

  1. Thank you. When my children were little, I would tell them many stories. Tales make the moments come alive. Thank you referring this book

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    1. You’re are welcome.

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  2. πŸ™‚ Yes, I love the fragrance of a brand new book; so I will smell it as soon as I am home with it.

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  3. I too gift books to my grand daughter. She’s just 7 years and read for her during bedtime. Missing her so much during this lockdown πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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    1. Books are the best gifts for kids I think. When you miss her, just call her and talk. Keep smiling.

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      1. She has online classes now . Aneways talking in video call daily before she goes to sleep .

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      2. Yeah that’s the best thing to do. My kids also have video calls with their grandparents everyday in the morning.

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      3. Today being Sunday she has her yoga online classes n drawing classes . She’s very much interested in drawing .

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      4. That’s good. Apart from studies we should always have something as hobby….

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  4. Era says:

    even I got excited with a new book, even now 😊😊

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    1. ☺️☺️… samne happens with me too…

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      1. Era says:


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  5. I too love books and love reading them. I can remember my first trip to Carnegie Library at the age 8. It was such a big to do! I can still remember how huge it was, and so many, many books. Let’s not forget receiving our first Library card, that was so exciting. Love books and the wonderful world of knowledge in various areas they provide! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I also very excited to get my library card and books. I miss going to library in this pandemic. I am not a e-book reader but still I have to.


      1. 😊I have some e-books, but I too love to feel and touch my books!πŸ˜‡πŸ‘£

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      2. The touch of a book is amazing


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