Art with lines

Hello All,

I hope all of you are doing good and are in good health. Today, I am here with my art creativity. In one of my previous post, I shared my first art with lines and many of you liked it also.

I really had fun drawing these pictures and these were easy to draw too. If you are new, you can use a pencil to start with and then trace with a black pen.

This art can be modified in whatever way you want and it feels like you are playing with the lines. You can be creative with these lines, draw as many or in wtharever shape you want.

The picture below shows a triangle with many triangles inside and then drawing lines, led to this creativity.

In his picture, I drew a square first and many squares and triangles inside it.

In this picture, I drew a circle and then divided it into 8 eight equal parts and then did my art with lines.

I am also planning to make a tutorial on this art with lines as I feel these are nice way to learn new art and also helps us to show some creativity.

What do you feel about these line arts? Aren’t they fun? You can try them and see the real fun. You will be glad to see the final result.

Hope to see you again in my next blogpost. Till then keep good care of yourselves and your family.

Namrata 😊

19 thoughts on “Art with lines

  1. I loved Doodling, was laughed at in corporate life. But continued. I found something called Zentangles on web. Bought it. Very much like what you drew. This is more systematic and has a method to it. I don’t do it anymore as I now use fingers to type. But I do drawing/ painting as hobby and some of my best liked abstracts have origins in Doodle art and Zentangles. Great to feel at home, when I. saw this post . Regards Jay

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    1. Thank you so much. I am also aware of Zentangles and I am looking forward to try these in near future. I am so glad to know that you are also interested in such doodle arts because very few people find them interesting.
      Thank you so much for sharing your views on this.


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