Be A Human First

Ups and downs are parts of life. We know that change is the only constant. People learn to adapt and survive in the change. But I don’t know what is happening in the world this year. So many changes, negativity all around the globe.

Starting with the Pandemic 2020 to the deaths of people all around the world, descrimination on the basis of ethnicity and color, and many more negative news surrounding us, I don’t know what else are we going to witness this year and in the years to come.

Whether it’s a natural catastrophe or any other casualities, who you think is responsible? Humans and only humans…..don’t you think? The masterpiece of the God’s creation has not stood up to the mark of His expectations.

What do you think we are lacking? In my opinion, we are lacking being a HUMAN. First and foremost thing that we lack is “Being a Human”. We need to be a human first before trying to be anything else.

What traits come to your mind when you think about being a human? What differentiates a human from an animal? I feel, I understood it very late. We humans lack many traits that we are supposed to have.

Traits of a Human Being: Here I would like to highlight some of the qualities of a human being. Apart from the physical differences from any other species in the animal kingdom, Homo sapiens are blessed with many inevitable characteristic features.

1. Humans have the mental ability to think, to differentiate betweeen right and wrong, to understand and decide, and to have an opinion.

2. Humans have a way of communication in the form of languages, can read, write and express their feelings to others.

3. Humans have the ability to think, and act according to the situation.

So, basically humans can learn new things, think and act, look for favorable situations, decide and have opinion. We certainly do think and act, learn and decide. But how wisely we think and how wisely we react defines whether we are a good human being or not.

Humans get social, have friends, make connections, show compassion, have emotions, etc yet become insensitive to issues that are not related to them.

In today’s world of social media, do you think twice before sharing any post on any social platform? I think most of us don’t. Many of us share so many usual, unusual things on our social accounts without getting the facts and news verified and it’s like a chain reaction. Once it starts it continues and only a wise person who thinks before sharing, stops a while to think, verifies the news, thinks about the morality of the post and then stops the chain of spreading that news.

I know overthinking is not good but thinking is good. To think is the ability of a human but sometimes we lack this trait. We act without thinking about the repercussions of our act. I experienced this yesterday itself but I am reluctant of sharing that with you all.

Humanity which is derived from a Latin word that means human nature and kindness is what we are lacking in ourselves. We don’t want to or even bother to understand what the other person is saying and we react. We don’t think that how badly the act of mine can affect a person. We have become insensitive to basic human issues. The kindness that we are expected to have is missing in thoughts, acts and opinions.

I just want to conclude this post by saying that we need to be a human first. We need to learn about the traits of humans and treat others as humans too. We need to be respectful to others .

These are my thoughts in all forms. You might agree with it or disagree. I will consider both types of opinions in my comment section. I would request you all to show some kindness to others, spread positivity and stay healthy.


11 thoughts on “Be A Human First

    1. News on the tv, social media are so much framed, falsified, and far away from the truth that sometimes we feel humanity is gone. Nobody cares to think before speaking whether it will hrt anyone or not, judge people, etc.
      Unable to get over it. So the post, thank you for understanding me.

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      1. Absolutely I do. Social media is a business and its business is ‘money’ and profits. Once a prominent newspaper person approached us for some undue favour. We denied. The next day there was a big news in his paper which said that we are anti national because the Indian flag wasn’t fluttering on top of our building. That’s how they are😀

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  1. Whatever you said, is all true
    we so-called, highest creation of God, have actually lost the whole meaning of our existence
    Everywhere is just negativity, and at least animals are not insensitive to themselves, but humans are
    Great post, Mam 😊

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