Random Thoughts

We all are different. Let’s celebrate it. How about having only one color in a color pallete? How about having all dresses of just one color. Differences make us unique.

As we are different from each other, our tolerance level, intelligence level, understanding level, and many more psychological factors differ.

We differ from each other. We differ in color, race, demography, and ethnicity. We differ in so many ways. Yet we are similar. We are Humans. God’s finest creation, as it’s said. And life, one of the most precious gift from God.

In Hindu religion, it is considered that, to take birth as a human is a very precious thing and it takes hell lot of rebirths to reach this level. Your past deeds, certainly the Karma decides whether you will be a human or not.

My knowledge on this might not be perfect but this is what I hear from my elders that human life is precious.

So precious a life, full of ups and downs, beautiful and bad memories, shouldn’t be ended without the will of God.

We generally give importance to the outward, physical appearance, to the physical differences like color, demography, ethnicity. We never talk about the psychological differences. No one ever taught us how one person can differ from another psychologically.

Why one person is an introvert while another is an extrovert? Why a person weeps while watching an emotional movie while the other just enjoys it?

We are never taught that different people need different treatments even at home. A child might ask for a 100 hugs and kisses in a day while another can be just satisfied with one or two.

Why human psychology is not given importance? Why people do not study paychology in schools and colleges?

Why moral science is important to be taught in the schools and not psychology? Why we aren’t taught how to attain inner peace and happiness? Why we aren’t taught that success and failure go hand in hand?

Why we aren’t taught that it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to screem out when angry, it’s ok to feel low sometimes, it’s all ok until you are alive.

Everything can be sorted out. Every wound can heal. Everything will be ok. We only need to have patience. Every knot can be opened. Every hole can be mended. But only when we are alive.

Why we always compare ourselves with others? I can do this why can’t you? I can learn this, and why can’t you?

I also took long time to realise this and still learning. We need to teach our children that people differ in their thoughts, actions, and behaviour. We need to make them understand that money, fame, etc are that not important. We need to teach them to be happy in what they have and in what they don’t have.

We need to understand that ruining life is not a solution. Stay alive and solve problems. Yet again, people differ. Not everyone can stay strong for longer period of time. Some give up and some make up. But we can at least do our part, teach them, explain them, and be with them.

Stay mentally and physically strong. You have made it and you will definitely make through this again. Spread positivity because you never know who is in need right now.



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