Thursday Thoughts: Overthinking

Let’s not think too much about the past because it’s gone.

Let’s not worry about the future because it hasn’t yet arrived.

Let’s live in present because it is what we actually have.

These are the random thoughts that came into my mind today. I dedicate these lines to all who overthink like me.

I have a very bad habit of thinking too much on little things. Those things might not be of great importance to someone else, but for me they are like huge things to worry about.

I don’t let go things. I keep thinking and thinking that makes thing more worse. I want to come out of this habit and so I am posting these thoughts.

I hope there are many people like me in this world who do overthink. It’s a reminder for all of them to live in the present and not to worry about the past and the future.

Let’s spread positivity. Love and peace to all of you.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Overthinking

  1. It helps me to think, what if this is my last day on earth. What’s really important to me today. I ask God for his wisdom, when I get bogged down with overthinking everything. It helps me to remember what his word says and go from there. But yes I often overthink things and can get quite overwhelmed until I change my thinking.

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