Fight Against COVID-19: Use of Cloth Mask or Fabric Mask

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous post (here) regarding use of a cloth/fabric mask in fight against COVID-19, this post is a continuation in sharing information regarding this topic.

WHO has come up with an informative video that teaches us how to use a cloth mask, how should a cloth mask be washed, etc. Please watch the video linked below.

Spreading awareness among people is an important thing we need to do in this pandemic and the information put together should always come for a reliable source such a health agency, government agencies, and health providers.

As mentioned in my previous post, face mask alone cannot protect us from COVID-19 yet it can be one among other preventive measures.

What are some benefits of a fabric mask?

Face fabric masks 😷 are beneficial in many ways:

1. Easy to use.

2. Not suffocating.

3. Can be used for a longer period of time.

4. Easy to wash

5. Reusable

6. Easy to dispose

So, do not hesitate in using a cloth mask but be sure that you wear a clean mask.

What things you need to keep in mind while wearing a fabric mask 😷?

1. Cloth mask should be clean.

2. Cloth mask should be washed after every use.

3. Do not share your mask with anyone else.

4. Store clean mask in a clean plastic bag like a ziplock.

5. Always have a spare face mask 😷 with you.

When should we wear a cloth mask?

This is an important question. Whenever we are stepping outside our house, a mask should be worn without thinking twice. If we are going on a walk inside our community, going to a grocery store, going at work, etc mask should be worn.

I hope, this post help you understand how and when to use a fabric mask. Please share information from a trusted website and ask a medical expert for any question related to the pandemic 2020. Spread awareness, stay healthy and stay safe.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post.



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