Playing With Lines

Hello all, this is something new I am tried recently and it came up pretty well. This is a simple art work where you have to simply draw lines inclined to another line and what comes up is really amazing.

I hope you will like this simple art technique. It looks tough but is very easy to draw.

The image below shows an art just drawn with a pencil. I wasn’t sure whether it will turn up nice with gel pen at first go, so o missed pencil ✏️.

In the next drawing I used black gel pen. I was little bit confident this time. I know it looks like hypnotising if you stare at the picture for long time but trust me, it’s really relaxing.

You can easily draw this in half an hour or so. You only need a gel pen and a ruler. Draw the outline of any shape and keep drawing the lines little bit inclined to the adjacent line.

In the next picture, I drew a rectangle and four triangles within it. This is what came out as result.

Let me know what are your views on this art with lines. Please give your honest views only. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Stay healthy and positive.

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