Quotations on Environment and Its Importance

Today is the World Environment Day. June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day since 1974. The motto behind celebrating environment day is to spread awareness among common people, to understand the importance of environment and its diversity, to understand the dependence of humans on the environment, etc.

I have always been talking about environment, plants and pollution on my blog. You can check my previous posts on the how we can be responsible and protect our environment. You can also check my posts on effects of air pollution on plants. There are various posts on my blog where I talk about importance of plants for the betterment of our environment and planet.

In this post I am sharing with you some quotations that inspire us to take care of our environment. These quotations are short but inspiring. In less words, these quotations help us understand the importance of nature and its biodiversity.

I hope we learn at least something from our previous mistakes and react as soon as possible. We still have time to mend our mistakes, be responsible and act wisely to take care of what we have.


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