Fight Against Coronavirus: Why is it Important to Wear a Face Mask?

When the COVID-19 hit some parts of China and whole of Italy and England, scientists were still talking about just washing hands to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. All the importance was given to just washing hands frequently with soap or an alcohol based sanitizer.

Many scientists in their interviews on television were seen saying, since the novel Coronavirus does transmit through droplet particles and do not stay in the air for longer time, masks wouldnโ€™t provide protection.

Use of mask, almost any kind was made mandatory after drastic increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in New York and New Jersey.

Now the question arises are masks important to stop spread of COVID-19?

Yes, masks are important in preventing the spread of this disease. Since the person contracting the virus may remain presymptomatic for days, itโ€™s important to cover the mouth and nose with a mask.

Suppose a person has contracted the virus by any means and after 4 days of infection, he isnโ€™t showing any symptoms. He is actively going outdoors for groceries and other essentials, unknowingly spreading the disease to others. Wearing a mask ๐Ÿ˜ท can stop the spread of the disease. Thus, we need to understand that wearing a mask is essential if going outdoors to protect others from contracting the disease.

Now, what types of mask we need?

Any mask that covers your nose and mouth can be worn. We must know that N95 masks are specific for people having some respiratory diseases and surgical masks are used my doctors and nurses working in close contact with infected patients. For us, any cloth mask will suffice.

We must also understand here that cloth face masks do not provide 100% protection but as we know that something is better than nothing, these at least provide some level of protection.

Cloth masks are beneficial in many ways as they can be washed and reused without any worries and can also be disposed without any problem.

Also, cloth masks are easy to make and are comfortable than the surgical masks and N95. If you chose to wear one time mask, itโ€™s important to dispose it correctly after single wear because single use masks arenโ€™t designed for multiple usage.

What are some other benefits of wearing a mask?

When we wear a mask, we avoid touching our nose and eyes or face. As we know that touching face frequently also spreads the virus, we tend to lessen this my simply wearing a mask.

How long we need to wear masks?

This question is impossible to answer at this moment. We are still facing the pandemic so I think we might need to wear mask for longer period of time. Whenever we are going out of the house, we should wear the mask.

Now, when the lockdown is over in many parts of the world and people are back to work (partially or completely), face masks are extremely important. Covering the face with a mask is a preventive measure to stop the spread of disease and must be obeyed sincerely.

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For more information on wearing a face mask, please visit the websites linked below.

1. WHO

2. CDC

3. CDC

Disclaimer: It is important for me to mention here that these are absolutely my views and it is nothing to do with any medical or professional advice. If you have any doubts, you are free to ask a professional health expert who in all means knows more than me. The views out here are personal and are meant just to spread awareness among people and let them understand things in simpler words.


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