Questions Related to Pandemic 2020

Pandemic 2020 has changed our world by 360 degrees. Every one is affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. The pandemic alone is not a problem, many other problems are also emerging due to this.

There is chaos everywhere. Nobody knows what to do and how to do. Lockdown in any part of the world cannot be for longer duration. We even don’t know how much lockdown is enough for the Coronavirus to disappear.

There are many questions in our minds that keep us haunting all the time related to the pandemic. I have listed few questions that always come in my mind.

1. When will the Pandemic 2020 end?

2. How will we know that the Pandemic 2020 has ended?

3. Who will declare that Pandemic has ended?

4. When will we resume our normal lives?

5. When can we start living without the fear of COVID-19?

I don’t know, who has the answers to these questions. While deep digging the history of pandemic, nothing looks to be normal in near future.

If you have answers to my questions you are most welcome to pen down below. Hope to see you tomorrow with a new post. Till then let not this pandemic steal the happiness from our lives. Stay healthy and stay positive.


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