Inspirational Quotes on Happiness

Inspirations are what we humans need from time to time. We often get inspired by people, by their work or by their thoughts. Today I chose the word Happiness for inspirational quotes and there are lots of people who talk about happiness that might inspire us.

Happiness is not a new word that I am talking about in my blog. I have already shared about happiness in one of my previous posts. You can check out in the link provided here.

I have selected 4 quotations on happiness but thee are many quotations available on the internet. You can look for other if you want. I chose only 4 so that the impact of the quote can be more. When we have too much thought, we often get burdened by the thoughts and our minds become blank. So only 4-5 at a time, I suppose is better. Here are few selected inspirational quotes on happiness.

This is so true. We ourselves are responsible for our happiness. Our actions are responsible whether we will be happy or sad. So itโ€™s important to watch our actions as they are the deciding factors of our happiness.

A happy soul has a happy mind and a healthy body.


Here the author talks about love and its relationship with happiness. According to him, love always brings happiness, peace and blessings. If we are loved, we are in peace and we are blessed.

This quotation is so well suited in todayโ€™s world. We often worry a lot about things that are not in our hands and become sad. This quote inspires us not to worry about the things that are not in our control.

Happiness lies within us. Life can be happy with what littlest we have but we tend to ignore what we actually have and long for things that we donโ€™t have. If we are satisfied with what we have, happiness will always be there. Our thinking makes us happy or sad. So, to be happy we need to be satisfied and stay positive.

In this hard time when we are trying to live and survive with the deadly virus, staying happy is a big deal but we need to be happy as we just learned, we need very little to be happy and everyone of us have that little.

What is your favorite happiness quote? Please share with me in the comment section. Let me know whether you liked this post or not. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Be happy and stay safe.


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