Travel Throwback: Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA

Valley Forge National Historical Park is situated in King Of Prussia, PA. It is a state park with bicycle trails, historical buildings, memorials, log huts, etc. This park is famous for its Army encampment during American Revolutionary War.

The park is the best place for walking, jogging, cycling and educational tourism. Historical structures are worth watching. This place is rich in greenery with scenic views.

This park is appealing to eyes with greenery as far as you could see. It is the best place for a person who wants to be close to nature. If you love walking, jogging, cycling or just watching the beauty of nature, this is the place for you. It is an awesome place for any person who loves to be outdoor.

In this post, I am not sharing the historical background of this place as it can be obtained from various websites on the internet such as

Please refer to these websites if you want to visit this place virtually and if you want to know more about this place. As we all know that experiencing a place personally has greater impact but due to COVID-19 pandemic it is not possible to travel.

These pictures were taken back in May, 2018 but the memories feel so fresh when I look back to these pictures. This place is close to my heart as we used to spend our afternoons and evenings here, when we used to live in Philadelphia.

One thing I can guarantee is that, if you visit this place once, you will definitely long to visit it again. I hope you would like the photographs and the post too. This post is a travel throwback from my travel diaries. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Stay tuned for more such posts on my blog.


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