52 Years of Togetherness: A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today is the day, 52 years ago when a woman and a man joined hands together, taking the seven vows of marriage, looking forward to a beautiful and an amazing life ahead. Yes, it was May 11, 1968 when my mom in law and my father in law got married. I wish them a very happy wedding anniversary and may they live long. May the Almighty bless them with good health and happiness.

Marriages are not easy. Marriages are like roller coaster ride with too many ups and downs but the couple that manages to withstand these up and downs stays stronger together.

In our culture every celebration starts with food and ends with food. So, I also cooked many delicacies at home for my family. We are not with our in laws right now, but nothing can stop us from celebrating big and small moments that come in our lives. I prepared vegetarian Indian food such as Daal Tadka, White Rice, Palak Paneer, Raita, and Green Coriander Chutney.

As a couple, in a marriage, there will be everything. They will witness happiness, love, pain, grief and stress too. It’s not as easy as depicted in some romantic Bollywood movies. Marriage needs strong will power, trust and commitment.

Marriage is more about trust than about love. Before loving, we need to trust each other. When you don’t trust each other, you cannot love each other


What looks like a perfect marriage? What is a perfect marriage? Is there anything like “perfect” in marriage? No, there is nothing. No man is perfect. No woman is perfect. But a couple can be perfect for each other and that’s what makes a successful marriage.

What’s so beautiful about an relationship? A relationship where you fight, but you cannot live without each other. Marriage is also one such relationship.

A marriage grows only when people start accepting the differences in each other and not trying to change each other. 52 years of togetherness requires hell lot of patience, courage, determination and loads and loads of love and respect for each other. Many more years of togetherness to my in laws.

I believe it’s magical to grow together, have gray hair, and dentures, still walk hand in hand like young couples.

I don’t just want to live with you, I want to grow old with you.



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