Book Review: Prem Ki Vedi (Altar of Love) by Munshi Premchand

Hello Everyone,

Out of the 3 books that I short listed to read, I have finished reading one of them. It is Prem Ki Vedi by Munshi Premchand. Like any other book of Premchand, this is also a heart touching story where there are different characters in the plot.

Title of Book: Prem Ki Vedi

Author: Munshi Premchand

Pages: 68

When you are reading a Premchand’s book, it’s rather watching a movie or a show. He gives the detailed description of the plot. You will feel you are into the story and become the part of the story.

This book is a short story where different shades of men and women are shown. Three women of entirely different thoughts and prospectives, having their strong opinion about life. Two men shown in the story are also far apart in their thoughts.

In this story, men are depicted as bossy, ruling and dominating women while the women are shown of different shades. One girl, Jenny is shown as a strong character with strong views about life, religion, marriage and almost everything. She is self made, self determined, and does not need a man to pursue her dreams. She has negative thoughts about religion, marriage and men.

She has a friend named Uma who is too much devoted to her husband Yograj and dies after one year of marriage due to two frequent miscarriages at very tender age. Miss. Jenny’s mom thinks that men and women are equal and the marriage is the responsibility of both the partners.

Mr. William has feelings for Miss. Jenny but fails to impress her. Mr. Yograj, the husband of Uma falls in love with Miss. Jenny after the death of Uma. The whole story revolves around a Christian family where Miss Jenny refuses to marry Mr. Yograj on the basis of religious differences.

This story shows the society, human behavior, religious beliefs of people living during pre independence of India. The issues of women faced during those days are still faced by women today. The author does not prove which gender is right and which gender is wrong. He just depicts the society. How society treats men and women, is shown in this story by the author.

The book is a good read if you are into reading classic Indian stories. If you have already read some stories by Premchand and you liked those stories, this book will also touch your heart and you will be left with your thoughts.

I am still looking forward to reading more of his stories. Please let me know whether you have read this story or not. What are your views about my book review? Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post.



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