Sunday Thoughts

Hello Readers and My Dear Friends,

Today, I am sharing four amazing thoughts by two great people who once lived in this world Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. The thoughts are inspiring and true in present world too.

I do believe in this. What we think, is what we really are. If we think positive we become a positive person and vice versa. Our thoughts make us and we see the world through our thoughts. So what we think is extremely important.

True, how we act in a situation is critical. If we act positively to a situation, even in a extremely negative situation, our fate might help us. This was what I could understand from this quote. Please let me know in the comment section, what you think about this quotation.

We often forget to talk to ourselves. Talking to ourselves everyday might help in reducing stress and negativity. It might also boost our confidence and help us in overcoming our shortcomings. So, from today, I am planning to talk to myself before going to bed and see what changes I see in myself.

Yes, by default humanity should be the one and only religion in this world. Helping others and needy should be our motto of life. The more we help other, the more happiness it brings.

With so much negativity around, let’s think something positive on this Sunday and spread positivity in the world. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post 🙏.



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