Stay Happy

This is the time to find out, what exactly makes us happy. As we are in isolation and social distancing, we need to groom ourselves from within. At this time, either we are living with our families or stuck alone at one place. Not at all exciting.

We always associate happiness with what things we have like money, food, gadgets, etc. We forget that staying happy is not materialistic, it’s a state of mind. If we are satisfied with what we have in life, we tend to be happy. When we have healthy mind and body, we are happy. Happiness comes from within. It is nothing to deal with what we have.


What makes me happy are the small things that happens in day to day lives. Sometimes having a “me time” makes me happy 😊. Sometimes cooking makes me happy. The other day coloring makes me happy. Reading a book also makes me happy.

Birds chirping, children playing, music, dancing, there are many things that make me happy. Little things that happen in our lives are the happy things. These little things make our lives.

Right now, in the given situation staying happy for long is not possible because the world is going through a major crisis. It’s chaos everywhere. Life is full of uncertainty. We don’t know what will come next. Still we try to be happy by doing little things that really makes us happy. There is still a hope that everything will get better sooner or later. We need to have patience. Our patience is being tested and we certainly need to score our best.


Let’s look beyond the closed door. Let’s pray for happy days to come. Let’s stay happy and positive.

What you all do these days to keep yourselves happy? Please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to know.


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