Kids Book Review: Monkey and Elephant and a Secret Birthday Surprise by Carole Lexa Schaefer

About the Book

Author: Carole Lexa Schaefer

Illustrated by: Galia Bernstein

Published in: 2015

Genre: Fiction/ Children’s Book

Pages: 42

Goodreads ||Penguin Random House

It’s an apt read for children below 8 years of age but we can also read it for toddlers who can’t read the books. It’s a children’s story book with colorful pictures that keeps the kids glued to the book. For kids above 8 years of age, it’s an easy read. An interesting fictional story concentrated around a monkey and an elephant. It’s a cute story about keeping secrets among friends. There are 42 pages and 3 chapters in the book.

Monkey is good at keeping secrets while elephant isn’t. So, what happens when elephant had to keep a secret. Was he able to keep the secret? What happened to monkey when the secret was revealed? What was the secret? Where monkey and elephant good friends? All these questions can be found in the book.

Illustrator has done wonderful job with beautiful engaging pictures in the book. Kids can easily understand the story by looking at the pictures. So those kids who are new to reading can also understand the story.

Both of my kids enjoyed reading this book. My elder son has his own quick review of this book. Please see the video below to know what he has to say about the book.


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