Gaining Knowledge During Lockdown: Online Learning

Learning is an ongoing process. We should never stop learning new things. Once we stop learning, we stop πŸ›‘ our overall progress. Thus, learning is important for everyone. Learning new things depending on our hobbies keep us busy, educated and motivated. Learning can never harm us. There is always gain and no pain.

When I was doing my post graduation, I was staying in a hostel room. We used to have one cupboard per person to keep our essentials that also included our books. When I opened my assigned cupboard, I saw a quotation written there. The quote was motivating and inspiring. But at that time I did not know who was behind those thoughts. Now I know who he was. I am sharing that quotation with you today. You might have heard it or might not. But it’s worth sharing.

Today I am going to share my views on the online learning course during the lockdown. I have already completed a free online course in β€œWriting in the Sciences” from Stanford University Online Learning Program. I will talk about it in detail any other day.

In the month of December 2020 (last week, as far as I remember), I registered in an online course, of course free, on Principles of Clinical Pharmacology from National Institute of Health (NIH). It is a lengthy and tough course requiring too much time and attention. It includes 59 lectures and you need to pass the course to earn a certificate.

So, is this post about the course I chose for online learning? No. This post is about how I am utilizing the time of lockdown to make my progress through the course. Now the question arises, how the online learning course helping me during this critical and fearful situation ( all credit goes to COVID-19, the pandemic)?

  1. The online course keeps me busy. The first and the foremost thing is that I am busy during the lockdown due to this online course and I am utilizing this time to learn something new that might help me in future.
  2. The online course deviates my mind from the negativities of the pandemic. The whole episode of COVID-19 pandemic is creating havoc like situation in the world. Death tolls are increasing and we cannot do anything else, sitting at home and watching the pandemic play its role. When I am learning, going through the lectures of my online course I am lost in it and it helps me forget everything happening around me.
  3. The online course is teaching me something new. I always wanted to do some course that will add to my education and help in getting the job I wanted. This time is the right time to educate myself, learn something new, earn a certificate and build my resume strong.

Till date I have completed 15 out of the 59 lectures of my course. In the month of January and February 2020 I was able to complete only 6 lectures but in the month of March, I completed 9 lectures and already started the 10th one. Since the lockdown was a new experience in the month of March and now that no options left, I am hoping to complete at least 15 lectures this month (April 2020).

I know the target that I am setting is too tough as I would need 20-25 hours in this month to complete 15 lectures but I have to do it as the course will end in the month of July 2020 for me and I also need to pass the examination for certification. Best of luck to me!!

The time with which each one of us are going through these days is really tough, painful and scary. The life seems uncertain and the world seems unknown. We do not know what is going to happen next and when will this come to an end. We do not know when will we have a normal day and a normal life. Will we or will we not?

But, there is something called HOPE that keeps us motivated, that keeps us moving even in the toughest of our times. This Hope and the Faith in the Almighty will help us through this too.

I hope all of you are in good health and keeping yourself busy in doing something that you always wanted to but couldn’t do due to time constraints and other necessary obligations. Let me know how you are dealing with the lockdown. Has anyone done an online course earlier? If yes, please share your views and thoughts about online learning with me. And a reminder: Please, please, please stay at home πŸ™.


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