Sheltering at Home

Lockdowns, curfews, stay at home or shelter at home. You may call it by various names. The meaning is same. We have to stay at home for our own safety. COVID-19, a viral 🦠 disease has spread to around 196 countries throughout the globe 🌎, showing to us the power of a microscopic living being on the most powerful and the most intelligent animal, the human.

Not going into details of any pandemic diseases, in this post, I am just sharing my views on the first ever experience in my life time till date, β€œthe shelter at home” as named by the government agencies in Texas (I suppose). We have a shelter at home quarantine measure from March 24th till further notice. Today we completed 24 hours of the time just staying at home.


What does shelter at home (shelter at place) means? Sheltering at home 🏠 or place means to live inside our homes or wherever we are at present, with whatever basic amenities we have. This measure is taken to avoid social gatherings and to stop πŸ›‘ the spread of any infectious disease. No roaming around, no shopping, no meeting friends, etc, etc. Overall, we have to just stay in our homes 🏑 and avoiding meeting people.

With kids at home, husband working from home, life is not the way it was few weeks ago. It’s not easy to work from home. It’s not easy to control kids 24 x 7 and do house chores as well. It’s not easy to homeschool kids. Life is not that easy right now.


We have a habit of doing things a certain way. Things fall into place when we have a routine. In the present situation, we don’t have a routine. Husband has his work from home, so he has fixed a suitable place to work from. This was utmost important because work from home requires more dedication and attention. Work from home was initiated from previous week.

Coming on to kids, their school has started β€œremote learning program” where kids are getting assignments on their chrome books. As it is new for kids to work on a laptop, they are having many difficulties and confusions. And since they have no one else than me to clarify their doubts, both of them come to me for rescue simultaneously 🀦. Kids are at home since March 7th when the spring breaks began but that break is still in continuation due to COVID-19. I think kids are suffering more than adults are. They are just stuck in homes, not going out to play. How much can they study, how much will they watch TV, how much will they play video games. Kids need to go outside and play with their friends. But as of now we can’t take the risk so they have to stay at home.

Navratri ( 9 days worship) festival has also begun from yesterday in which we worship Goddess Durga for 9 days. In the present condition when everything is out of stock, no deliveries at home 🏑 available, the festival has also lost its charm. This time, we are just offering the Goddess with whatever we have right now as nothing better can be done. She also understands that. We are praying πŸ™ for the whole world 🌍. May Goddess Durga take away all our problems and bestow us with Her blessings.


Days are passing with ups and downs or rather new adjustments. Too much of negativity is around the world right now. We need some positivity around. That’s why I decided to do some meditation for at least 5 minutes a day. I am also involving my kids in this process. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more relaxed day than today.

With all these chaos, it’s hard to take out time for writing ✍️ or blogging because the mind is preoccupied with various things. Kids need help with their assignments, husband needs pin-drop silence for his on-call office meetings, and then my household chores.

I hope 🀞 everything will be back to normal soon. We will definitely make through this suffering. Please let me know how your lockdown situation is treating you. Thanking you for stopping by and reading πŸ“– my post πŸ™πŸ™. Stay at home stay safe.



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