Coloring for Fun

Hello Everyone, today I am sharing with you some colored pages from my coloring book that I colored recently. I really like coloring pages as it keeps me engaged and also relaxed.

This time, the coloring medium I used were the gel pens. Itโ€™s easy to color with gel pens as less pressure is required to color and link flows smoothly and there is no smudge and blotting at all. Let me share you the pages. I hope you will like them.

I have fallen in love with the floral patterns. I have five coloring books that I have bought from different stores but when it comes to coloring the pages I always choose the pages that have floral patterns or flowers in them.

The pages might seem dark due to their quality or me not being a good photographer. Forgive me for that. I hope you will like the color contrast and the pattern too. Thank you for stopping by and reading ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™.

About Dr Namrata, Ph.D.

Author is a PhD in Botany (Environmental Science) with keen interest in Biotechnology and Research work. Currently, she is a full time blogger, posting her views and thoughts related to Science and Life.

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