Myths Related to COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) Answered by WHO

Here are some questions related to COVID-19 ( the new Coronavirus) that are answered by World Health Organization (WHO) in public interest. I thought it’s worth sharing because in today’s world of social media every news becomes a burning news and spreads in a blink of an eye leading to myths and false claims.

Myths circulate down the social media and create panic situation among general public. One way to avoid such panic situation is not be a part of this circulating system. Never post any news on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other online platform without verifying the news. Always rely on government news and health organization websites to get the correct information.

Today, I am sharing some myths related to COVID-19 that are trolling on the social media like anything. Answers are provided by WHO so are genuine and trusted.

I hope this post will be informative to you. I feel comfortable to share these facts from a genuine source than to add my views on it as I am not an expert about the diseases in any way. Please share these questions and answers with everyone so that we can spread awareness.

You can also go to WHO website for more details related to the new Coronavirus. We can at least pray speedy recovery for those who are infected with this virus 🦠 and maintain personal hygiene in home and at the office to prevent the spread of the disease.

The am you for reading 🙏🙏.


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