Don’t Quit

The words by John Greenleaf Whittier in the form of a poetry “Don’t Quit” are so apt in our day to day life. Whenever I read these lines, I feel motivated. It’s an inspirational and heart touching poem.

I first saw this poetry when I was doing my Ph.D. in 2015. Those who have done research work or are doing research work know that it’s a work full of commitment, dedication and hard labour for a long period of time. Some days will be full of enthusiasm while the other days will be pathetic. Time will come when you would think, this is not going to happen, I should quit my project, let’s leave it and try something better, etc etc. At that point of time, such good thoughts keeps you going.

Picture Curtsey:

One most important thing that I learned during my PhD is “Not to quit” or “To finish the work that you have started”.

“Don’t Quit” is applicable to any work that we do. Quitting should never be an option except for quitting a bad habit.

I hope you would like this post and find it motivating. I wish The poetry “Don’t Quit” by John Greenfield Whittier inspires you too to finish a work that you have started or thinking to start and never quit a work in the middle of it. You never know, a little push might have completed that work.

Thanks for stopping by and reading 🙏🏻🙏🏻.


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